Monday, March 29, 2010

New happenings at Prim Crafts....

Hi Everybody,

It's been rather dreary here in VA for the past few days. Last Friday I went shopping to get supplies for some new crafts and stopped at Walmart. They had single flower pots for $1.00 in the garden center. Couldn't believe they were only a buck!! I got 4 of them. When I got home I went down to my wood shop and whipped up a prim wood box to put them in. Turned out pretty neat, hhmmm.

Been busy getting ready for Easter and making some new crafts and want to share with ya.

I put this cute little center piece together on Saturday. I bought the wood chicken feeder on my trip to the antique mall last Friday too. It's 100 yrs old and was a bright red gloss paint on the outside. didn't like the glossy look, so I took it and sanded it very lightly, then used dark brown shoe polish to prim it up. Turned out wonderfully. I just love it!! The big duck I purchased awhile back at a show. The Easter eggs, I made from styrofoam and paper pulp in a jar ( I get the pulp at Ben Franklens craft shop). Then I primly painted them. The little baby chicks I bought a few years ago at a shop in Lancaster, PA.

Here are a few things I worked on over the weekend to sell in my booths. Bunnies, Bee's, and Mice..

Aren't they cute!!!! I put a pocket on the front of the bunnies so they could be filled with small flowers. The little bee's in pots were a big seller for me a few years ago in MD, so I hope they do well here in VA. The little mouse is just so prim, I seen a website that had mice (can't recall the site)and thought I would try my hand at making one. I sketched the body onto osenburg and sewed her up. Then stuffed half way with polyfil and the rest with sand to give her weight. I made the flowers from painters canvas and wire. Wish I had saved the sight I seen these on, want to give credit for it, oh well, guess I'll just have to surf around and find it again.

I still have quite a few dolls and such to finish up and lots of new bowl fillers. Butterflies, bees, watermelons, flags and on, and on, and on....... I'll post some pics when I get them done.

Hope you enjoyed the pics and have a great week. Gotta go for now.
Prim Blessings,

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  1. That mouse is sooo cute! You did a great job making him! he is my favorite of the three.