Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween ~ sharing


Happy Halloween!

Hi Blog Friends,

Hope yawl had a nice weekend~ stayed warm and safe. Here in the valley we received about 5” of the white stuff! Quite a few limbs from our trees came down, but nothing disastrous~ thank God. We have a couple of very mature trees next to the house, so whenever the heavy snow falls, or ice ~ I hold my breath waiting for the big crash. Lol.

Since it was so yucky out~ I’m not a snow person~ I worked on finishing up some items and thought I’d share.

All these items where made using patterns from TFC Folk Art.

winter 001 winter 003

Santa Stump Dolls with gingerbread boy. These guys are about 15” tall and nicely plump. I love the gingerbread boy in the sack, so I made up some to sell separate. They’d even make nice ornies for the tree.

winter 004 winter 006

Lg Santa Dolls.  I just love how this guy turned out. I made up the tree in his belt using a heavy gauge wire wrapped with brown floral tape, and mini ming garland for the branches. I also added an old key to his belt so he is able to open all the doors he visits on Christmas eve.

winter 008

Snowman Cookie Cutter Ornie. This ornie is so cute! They were a bit tedious for me to make, but turned out so nice. I made the brooms using small sticks and bought a cinnamon  broom from DG and cut the twigs from the large broom to size and wrapped wire around to attach to the stick. They would make cool witch brooms too. I’ll have to stock up on some for next year!

I have so many piles of crafts waiting for my attention, it’s not funny. You see, I have this bad habit of starting one thing, then going on to another. I get bored easy, so I constantly move from one thing to another and then you get piles in all stages waiting to be finished.  I know I’m not the only one who does this, right?

I have three orders I need to get done this week, then maybe I’ll finish up one of the piles patiently waiting for me. Then again maybe I’ll just make another pile~smile. Who knows what the week will bring.

Well friends, have a great week. Stay safe and warm whatever the weather is in your neck of the woods.

Autumn Blessings, Jean

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hungry Hook Primitives Giveaway

Margie's hosting another awesome giveaway.
Hop over to Hungry Hook Primitives and get in on the fun.

Monday evening:

Here’s the view from my front porch this evening.


A brief shower came through and gave us this beautiful evening view.


Another double rainbow.


Just Glorious!

Well I’m literally knee deep in getting crafts done. I have snowmen, Santa’s, and gingers everywhere!


Here’s a cutie that I have finished. Pattern from Bits of Cloth. I used flannel to make these and painted the flannel to give it a worn aged look. My flash makes it brighter than it really is. I’m really liking snowmen made of flannel instead of muslin. After it is painted you can give it a textured look, unlike muslin.


And here’s my stitchery finished~ I love how it turned out. I used cedar shavings for the stuffing and it gave it an old prim feeling. It’s a lot darker than the pic shows.

005 006

Have a great evening Prim Friends!

I’ll be back when I get more items done.

Autumn Blessings, Jean

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A to Z~ getting to know me:

A ~ age I’m 43 yrs. young!

B ~ bed queen size~but at our get away it a double. Move over Snoop dog! I need my room!!

C ~ Chore I hate ~ folding clothes after washing~ don’t know why .

D ~ dogs, we have 2, Snoopy (doc/beagle mix) and  Brandy (Blk lab.) Would love more, but oh so expensive to take care of.

E ~ essential start to my day Coffee, gotta have it to function!!

F ~ Favorite color: Earth tones~ God’s color pallet!

G ~ gold or silver – Love the silver~white gold my favorite!

H ~ height – 5 ft 4 inches and shrinking. LOL!

I ~ instrument I play ~ Banjo~ love the sound ~have not played in quite a few yrs but had a great teacher~ Dean Sapp in Elkton MD. Said I was a natural.

J ~ job title – know it would be artist, but I’ve had a few corporate ones in years past!

K ~ kids, non, always wanted to be a mom, but not in my cards.

L ~ Live in Virginia at the present, but I’m from Maryland.

M ~ make of car, Volks Wagon Cabrio convertible and love it!!!

N ~ nicknames ~ Honey, Beaner~don’t ask!

O ~ overnight hospital stay, twice and did not like!

P ~ pet peeve – People on cell phones in public and plain out unkind people!.

Q ~ quote from a movie – If you build it they will come~ can you guess?

R ~ right or left handed – mainly right, but I can do a lot with both!

S ~ siblings, I’m the oldest of two~ one brother Tom and one sister Julie~ love them dearly, but I have a father I never met and believe I have other siblings out there somewhere.

T ~ TV shows – right now- NCIS, X factor, Survivor ~anything reality.

U ~ underwear ~ cotton, sometimes thong~ depends on the pants I wear.

V ~ veggie I hate – Turnips! use to hate Brussel sprouts but with lots of garlic I know like them.

W ~ what makes me late – I’m usually one of those people that are a couple of minutes early

X ~ x-rays, lots of them thru the years~ recently of my spin so the chiropractor could manipulate my spin.

Y ~ yummy food, comfort foods are the best!

Z ~ zoo animals ~ Being a Pisces I would say fish~ dolphins, whales, but sharks frighten me.  Elephants intrigue me. Who knew!

So now you have an idea of who I am A to Z.

Who are you? Join in the fun.

I’ve enjoyed reading other fellow blogger’s A to Z, thanks for sharing!

Autumn Blessings,


Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy, busy, busy:

Hi Blog Friends!

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I really have been very busy trying to get a stock of winter items made. Time just keeps flying by and before we know it Christmas will be here.

With all the rain we’ve had I have also had to cut our grass twice a week for the last 5 weeks. Now that might not sound like a big deal, but it takes almost 3 hours out of the day to do, not that I mind, but it does cut into the crafting time.

I have been visiting my blog friends, and for some reason like a lot of you, I am having a hard time leaving comments on blogs. grrrrr. I have tried all the suggestions I’ve read but all I get is frustrated. So please know I am at least visiting. Eye rolling smile

Last Thursday, three of my friends from Maryland, Vickie, Cindy and Patsy, came to visit and we spend time going to some of the shops in my area. We went to the Woodstock Café and had the most delicious lunch. Vickie new the owner of the café, actually she and Patsy new him and reminisced about old school days. They were so thrilled to see each other. Well lunch was on the house and we even got the presidential tour of the café.  I so enjoyed the day and seeing old friends. Thank you Cindy, Vickie and Patsy for a beautiful day!

Well I said I’ve been busy and truly I have been. The following are pics of crafts I’ve completed so far, but I have piles of items yet to finish.


Inspired from the internet.

003 (2)

Turkey dinner, anyone?

008 009

Santa door dolls, Tennessee Ridge Primitives pattern.


Love these stockings! I used some of the chocolate burlap Linda from Parkers Paradise traded me awhile back and they turned out so perfectly prim.


Candy Cane Annie ~ pattern by The Olde Country Cupboard.


Snowman and gingerbreads also from a pattern by The Olde Country Cupboard.



These snowmen are from a patterns by Tennessee Ridge Primitives also.

005 007

Over the weekend I had the urge to do a stitchery, so I found this free pattern from the internet and stitched it up on aged cloth. I want to turn it into a pillow tuck. I love how it turned out. I have a blue fabric to use for the back and think it will set the stitchery off.


Well, I gotta get back to sewing and truly appreciate you stopping by to see what I’ve been up to lately.

Wishing you all a wonder Autumn week filled with pleasant things!

Blessings, Jean