Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Monday Prim Friends!
It's rainy and a bit chilly here in the valley,
but at least no snow!
I think Spring has finally sprung around here~
the grass is getting a beautiful green~
the tulips, daffodils, and lilies will be in full bloom soon~ 
I love this time of year~ seeing the Earth come back to life.
Makes me smile~
I watched Ann Curry's story last night
on climate change. Y'all may have seen it too.
It was a real eye opener as to how much our planet has changed.
I just wish the big corporations
that spew large amounts of CO2 
would take notice and change the way they do business.
I don't like to get political on my blog,
but the Government should be more involved with
this disaster waiting to happen,
rather than concerning and involving itself
with the everyday Joe homeowners.
I have two new patterns added to my Etsy shop
Just in time for Easter~
This is Daisy ~ 12" prim rabbit.
She's a free standing stump doll, with pose able ears.
This is a quick and easy pattern to make
and includes how to make the flower she holds. 
18" Civil War Soldier~
Mid May is the 150th  Anniversary of the Civil War.
Our town hosts the re-enactment of the battle of New Market,
bringing thousands of people from all over to watch.
I want to offer a selection of items to my customers
and will be working on a few new patterns for the event.
So, if your a Civil War collector
be watching for some new patterns in my Etsy Shop.
(Oh, and the beautiful God Bless America
can arrangement in the picture
was made by my friend Sheila of Country Impressions on Etsy.
Stop by and see what other beauties she has to offer.)
I've also been trying to learn the art of rug hooking.
Please don't laugh or be to critical of my loops~
I have a long way to go,
but am enjoying the journey~
It's rather large and
will probably take me the rest of the year to finish. lol....
As it progresses,
I'll be sure to share.
Have a great week~
Thanks for stopping by~
Prim Blessings,

Friday, February 28, 2014

Four new patterns and chitchat

Happy Friday prim friends!
The sun is shining and the skies are a beautiful blue,
the air is a bit chilly~
I guess it's the calm before the
next big storm.
Sounds like March will be coming in
like a lion
hopefully out like a lamb.
I've been working on Spring/Easter
items for weeks now
and would love for Spring to get here....
I know, I'm not alone.........
I just have to share this sweet girl with you~
This is Pocket Full of Posies Annie
pattern by Bird in the hand primitives (Robin Leuschen) 
Such a wonderful pattern
and I love her expression!
Here are the four new patterns
I just listed in my Etsy Shop~ 
Prim Duck cupboard tuck~
You get the pattern for the duck as well as the eggs.
I made a display using an old berry box, but
they look nice in an old bowl, or tucked in an old cupboard.

Primitive Hare~Easter Rabbit~
A simple pattern full of bunny charm!
Perfect for bowls, displays or in a cupboard.

Prairie Doll cupboard tucks~
I love how these ladies turned out.
Very simple quick pattern, sure to be a hit at
all those craft shows!

And I've wanted a primitive rag doll for awhile now
and came up with this very easy
primitive doll.
I used scrap cloth stuffing in
 their bodies to give that old feel.
They can be made with or without hair.
I've included the pattern for
the old wool scrap hair style too!
Old wool scrap hair style~               Wool braided yarn hair style~
So if you get the chance,
Stop over at my Etsy and take a peak~
there are more photo's on each listing
for your viewing pleasure.
Thank you for stopping by
to see what I've been up to~
~Wishing you a great weekend~
Prim Blessings, Jean


Monday, February 17, 2014

Sweet friend visited......

Hi Prim Friends!
Hope you had a nice weekend~
full of love and happiness.
Sounds like by the end of the week,
we could be in for some SPRING like weather! WooHoo....
I just hope it sticks around,
like you; I'm so ready for warmer temps and sunny blue skies.
On Friday our sweet friend Lecia (Farmhouse Prims)
stopped by and left a bag of goodies on the door for me.
I was home, but she wasn't sure, so she dropped and ran.
I'm sorry she didn't stay awhile.
You see, my b-day is this week and she knows
how much I love her handmades
so she gifted me one of her beautiful bunny dolls~
I love her Lecia!
She'll be right at home with the other dolls you've made for me.
I love her sweet face~

Lecia spoiled me with so much!
A painted wood plate with "Family" on it and the display rack,
a candle cozy with faith, hope and love, a little note tablet for my to do list,
some prim hand sanitizer and a most beautiful b-day card.
Thank you so much Lecia.
I love everything, but most of all I love our friendship!
I'm working around the clock making Spring/Easter items for my booth
and I've listed 4 new patterns in my Etsy shop.
If you get the chance,
stop by and take a peak.
Thought I'd share a pic of the
beautiful red tulips I picked up
over the weekend.
A small touch of Spring~

Have a wonderful Presidents Day!
Prim Blessings~ Jean

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My gift to you......

Happy early Valentine's Day!
Please enjoy this free pattern
from my heart to yours......
Click and save each image to your computer.
(You never know when a post might be deleted.)


Prim Valentine Dove & Heart Bowl Fillers/ Ornies Pattern.

Please read over all the instructions before beginning. The trace line is the sew line, unless otherwise indicated. RSO ~ right side out.

Grungy mixture:
Before beginning mix up your grungy mixture so it will cool.
I used 1 cup instant coffee, 1 ½ cups boiling hot water, 2 tbsps. Vanilla and ¼ cup cinnamon.
Boil water and mix all ingredients together. Let cool. Mixture will be very thick and gooey.

Trace bird body and wing pattern on double layer of muslin. Sew on trace line, leaving the birds tail open were indicated on pattern. *Wings are completely sewn around. You will cut a small slit through 1 layer for turning. Cut out ¼” from stitch line.

To complete birds tail~ after cutting out ¼” from stitch line, take your top and bottom seams of the tail and match them up. Now stitch across to form a flat tail. (Refer to diagram for this step) Clip curves and turn RSO. Stuff the birds body firmly. Whipstitch opening closed. Turn wing RSO~DO NOT STUFF~ no need to stitch slit closed as it will be the underside and glued to the bird.

For the heart, trace on double layer of muslin. Sew on trace line completely around. Cut a small slit in one layer for turning and stuffing. Stuff firm and whip stitch opening closed.

Now take your craft paint and paint your dove and heart: white for the bird and wing and red for the heart. (I add a few drops of water to my paint until it’s an ink consistency, and then paint my fabric.) Let dry completely. . I use the sun to air dry my prims. In the winter months I use a small heater with a fan. Use whatever method you wish, but please be careful with whatever heat source you choose.

Once dry take a piece of fine grit sandpaper and sand your bird, wing and heart. Careful not to rub holes in the fabric.

Paint entire bird, wing and heart with the grungy mixture. Let dry. I use the sun to air dry my prims. In the winter months I use a small heater with a fan. Use whatever method you wish, but please be careful with whatever heat source you choose.

Once your bird, wing and heart are dry use the fine grit sandpaper and lightly sand again or if you like the look just skip this step.

Take your hot glue gun and add a small amount of the glue to the slit side of the wing and place on bird. Refer to the pattern for placement.

Make a bunch of the Dove’s and hearts to fill your prim bowl or add a hanger and place on a prim tree, cupboard door or anywhere!
You may make the (C)Prim Dove and Heart BF/Ornies for personal or profit. No mass producing allowed. Please do not reproduce in any way or sell this pattern as your own on/or off line. Give Dusty Cupboard Prims credit when selling on any website. All rights reserved.

Dusty Cupboard Prims will not be held responsible or liable for human or computer error due to printing or craftsmanship of this product.
Have a wonderful Valentine's day!
Blessings~ Jean