Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt week 3 finds:



As most of you know I am participating in the scavenger hunt over at Misi’s blog 1890 Gable House Musings.

Time to post my finds for week 3.

Here’s List #3
#1 Stool with Hooked TopSad smile
#2 Old Tin FunnelSmile
#3 Putz (or style like) Lamb/sheep Confused smile
#4 Crow on a stick Smile
#5 Wooden Cigar Mold Sad smile
#6 Silhouette Box Winking smile
#7- Bero’s Bonus- Pure Maple Syrup Sign or OLD Syrup Can Smile

Boy this one was even harder than last week and I’m not sure if what I have will pass. Hope Misi accepts them, cause I want to go to the final hunt. I’m having loads of fun trying to find or figure out where I can get these items.

Hunt 3 003

I’ve displayed 5 of the 7 items on the list.

Hunt 3 004

Crow on a stick – I made last year from wood. Old funnels, I have two displayed, putz sheep or like – I have a wooly sheep with stick legs handmade, and a tale sheep Americana with stick legs I made last year. An old King syrup can and a Vermont Maple syrup can. A Betsy Ross silhouette round box.

Hunt 3 005

The only old stool/ bench I have is this 50+ yr. old Dutch hand painted bench I bought about 18 yrs. ago. I truly cherish it and promised the previous owner I would take good care of it.

Hunt 3 009

The top reads Home is where the heart is. How true this statement is.

Hunt 3 010

This is the outer painting on the legs.

Hunt 3 011

This is the painting on the inside part of the leg.

Hunt 3 013

Closer pic of the top painting. Sorry the flash kept glaring and without the flash it’s too dark.

That’s my finds for the hunt this week. Can’t wait to see what’s on it for next week. I may have to go see my neighbors if this gets any

Thank you Misi for another fun hunt! Go on over to 1890 Gable House Musing and see who else is scavenging around to find items.

Prim Blessings, Jean

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Blessings, Jean

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pleasant Surprises….

Good morning blog friends,
It’s a pretty chilly here in the valley again this morning. We had about an inch of snow on Sunday but it did not stay around long. There’s a possibility of some flurries again tomorrow. I wonder when Spring will actually come and stay for awhile. My poor tulips and daffodils don’t have a chance with all this cold air.
Last Friday I had a very pleasant surprise. It was late afternoon and I went out the side door of my house to go check the mail and there was a gift bag hanging on my door knob.
I knew immediately who it was from but wondered why I did not here her stop by. Well, Lecia from Farmhouse Prims had stopped by and left me a little gift on her way home from grocery shopping.
I had commented on her blog about wanting to do a swap with her for one of her prairie stump dolls – In stead she made me one and surprised me by leaving it on my door.  I absolutely love her! Lecia does such a great job with all the items she makes.  If you’ve never stopped by Lecia’s blog at Farmhouse Prims, go on over an visit her. Thank you my prim friend, I love my prairie stump doll!
Then yesterday I went to the mailbox and found another sweet surprise.
I had entered Wendy’s Basil bunny contest over at Ravenwood Whimzies and was the winner!
Look at all the goodies! Wendy sure made this giveaway fun and so special! Look at the rabbit! I love her!
And all the goodies she included!
Not only the sweet bunny she made, but all this! A beautiful hand towel with sunflowers and crows, love it! A bar of Lavender soap that smells so good, along with a lavender sachet, I already have in my drawer=), a package of monogram note cards with J on them, a package of morning glory seeds, I can’t wait to plant! Four beautiful Easter tags, handmade by Wendy-love them! A metal sign reading Easter Blessings and Reese's Pieces – yummy! Ate half the bag before dinner. Heehee.
Thank you so much Wendy, I love everything! If you have not visited Wendy at Ravenwood Whimzies go on over an check her blog out.  She’s an awesome prim friend and crafter too.
Here’s a neat tip I learned from Traci over at York Mountain Mercantile.  She showed how you can get prim grass for pennies!
I went to the Dollar General and picked up two coco replacement baskets. They were $1.00 each. All you do is pull it apart and fluff a little and Walla! you have prim grass!  I was at my Ben Franklin store and seen a package of what they called prim grass- which was straw from the farmers field with a price of $9.95 on it, and truthfully, this looks better than that stuff would have. Thank you Traci for sharing this wonderful tip!
Here it is in a basket with Kitties and hearts I made from a pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings. You can find the pattern at Patternmart.
That’s all I have to share for know. I gotta go find the items for hunt #3 over at Misi’s 1890 Gable House Musing . Boy is this hard! Don’t know if I’ll make it past this list. I really hope I do, gonna have to brave the cold and go digging in my storage shed again. lol.
Have a wonderful and blessed week. I’ll post my hunt finds in a few days.
Prim Blessings, Jean

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scavenger Hunt #2 finds:

scavage hunt 3 9 to 4 15
Misi over at 1890 Gable House Musing has come up with a 2nd list of goodies for us to find and post for her scavenger hunt and I must say this one is quite the challenge.
There are 7 items listed this week and we must find at least 4 of them to continue to week three.
The list:
  •   A Childs Chair - Smile
  • blue willow china (1 piece) - Smile
  • Tin or metal tree - Smile 
  • Wooden toy boat - Smile
  • Corn Dryer - Sad smile
  • Colonial print (must have both a boy & girl) - Smile
  • Wooden buggy yoke - Sad smile
For some of these items I had to dig high and low in my storage shed to find =) I moved almost 4 yrs. ago to VA and the farmhouse I live in has rather small rooms, so I am not able to put out a lot of my treasures and I am not ready to let go of them so I keep them in my storage shed in hopes that some day I can move to a bigger house and be able to display and enjoy them.
Here’s what I found, I hope it gets me to the next round, fingers crossed =)
scavege hunt 2 001 scavege hunt 2 004
Childs chair – Blue willow china – Colonial print with boy and girl.
scavege hunt 2 006
scavege hunt 2 007scavege hunt 2 009
Tin or metal tree. My favorite is the pic on the right. I use it at Christmas to display my glass ornies.
scavege hunt 2 010scavege hunt 2 016scavege hunt 2 012
Wooden toy boat. I love Noah’s Ark and have quite a collection of it. These are just two of the wood boats I own.
I have shown 5 of the 7 items for list #2. It’s up to Misi to accept these items in order to go to the next round. I really hope these are acceptable, I’m having so much fun trying to find the scavenger hunt items in my storage shed and I get to see items I have not seen in a long time.
Thanks for stopping by to see my finds. Don’t forget to visit Misi at 1890 Gable House Musings and see whow else is participating in the hunt.
Have a great week!
Prim Blessings, Jean

Monday, March 21, 2011

Been crafting…. gardens about ready

Hi Blog Friends,

Happy Spring to you all! 

This past weekend was nice and sunny here in VA, but the temps were a bit on the cool side. 

I've been wanting to plant a small veggie garden for a few years now, and with the price of veggies going up (green peppers at Wal-Mart are at $1.44 each!) I’m finally getting my way. Usually all I do is buy a couple of tomato plants and stick’em in a pot on the patio.  We spent most of the weekend working out in the yard getting the area for my garden tilled and ready for the planting season.  I also bought some packets of seeds and a seed starter greenhouse and sowed the seeds for starting in doors. Now I’m not a farmer or much of a veggie grower, I do love to plant flower gardens and watch them grow, so this will be an adventure seeing if my garden will grow or produce the fruits of my


I did manage to get some crafts done this past week.

spring crafts 001spring crafts 002

Basket with Prim Paper Mache eggs and a grungy lite. Looks like a large nest of eggs. Much nicer in person!

spring crafts 004spring crafts 003

Lite box of eggs and a prim bunny. Bunny is a Tennessee Ridge Primitives design. I bought a bunch of old peat pots from the flea market for $2.00 and used one for the box here. Turned out really cute!

spring crafts 006

Another prim egg carton. These are selling as fast as I make them. A really popular item this year.

spring crafts 008

Primitive style bunny with stick legs. This was a free pattern by Sweet pea Primitives in Mercantile Gatherings Magazine.

spring crafts 010

Prim Angel, pattern by positively Primitives.

spring crafts 012

Chick on a spring. Very cute and really popular this year!

spring crafts 013

Another prim angel bust which was a free pattern in Mercantile Gatherings Magazine, by Bittersweet Folk-art.

goodies 003goodies 004

Prairie Spool Dolls, an original by me.  They have become quite popular sellers also.

spring crafts 014

I also made some nap time bunnies. These cuties are made from a pattern by My Primitive Saltbox and are pretty easy. Kathy offers all her patterns at a very affordable price of $2.00 and up. I love her patterns and you can not beat the prices.

I have lots more to do this week, so I better get busy. Before I know it I’ll be out cutting the grass!  Woohoo…..Spring has sprung and summers on it’s way!

Oh, and I need to go hunt for the second list of goodies Misi has posted for her scavenger hunt over at 1890 Gable house musings. Boy this one is quite the challenge! Check back for that posting.

Have a great Monday!

Prim blessings, Jean