Thursday, March 25, 2010

I think I should go play the lottery!!!!

Hi blog friends,

I can not believe it, I won another wonderful giveaway over on Yorkies Primitives blog. Valerie sent me a conv thru Etsy to say that I won her giveaway. Thank you Valerie.

I am in no way a lucky person. Until now I have never won anything, then twice in one month to get such wonderful gifts from people I only know through the blog web.
If you have not checked Valerie's blog out, click on Yorkies Primitives above and enjoy the many blog sites she has offering things she sells, to happenings in her neck of the woods.

An update on Brandy's condition - we finished the meds the vet gave her yesterday, the swelling in her ears and neck are alittle better. She still is not her self. Just keeping an eye on her.

Well, got lots to do - crafts to finish and I am going to start doing some wood working. Got lots of wood ideas, hope to share with you soon.

Have a wonderful Thursday,
Prim Blessings


  1. Is that you whos winning everything there,LOL.Im joking of course.But Im like you have have never won a thing in my life but a few things here on blogger.

    Happy Thursday!~~Becky

  2. congrats! you deserve the wins! may the luck continue to flow! ★Linda

  3. Oh Jean, you are deserving of your winnings. I sure hope Brandy gets better quick. Hugs~Carol

  4. Congrats on your winnings! What cute things you won!

  5. You do have to go play the Lottery girl!!! Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings ... Donna