Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Sunday!!!

Hi everyone, I am so pleased to see so many New Prim Blogger Friends following me. I checked the blog on Friday and I had 12 friends, but now it's at 32. WooHoo!!!! Welcome.

I have been working on all kinds of new crafts this past week and so far I have two of them completed. I can't just do one thing at a time, I like to have a variety to work on, sometimes it gets overwhelming, but I seem to get them done.

Here are few pics of them. I will be placing them on my Etsy site for sale, if anyone is interested in them, click on the link on my sidebar.

This is an adorable Noah and his friends. He's not to prim, but cute. I hand painted Noah and the animals using a coffee and paint mixture, then sanded them a little to soften them up. Noah's apron is coffee stained and has an appliqued Ark. The saying around the Ark is written with a permanent marker and reads: The Lord told Noah to build an Ark and load up the animals two by two by two.... I handmade Noah and friends using a pattern from Plum Creek Collectibles. (I don't know if this company exists anymore, I have had the pattern since 1992.)

This little bunny is handmade of plush felt. I didn't want to do any staining or painting on it, I liked how it turned out as it was. I made his little carrot necklace from clay, then colored some natural raffia green and tied to the top. I just love his long floppy ears.

I'm getting so excited, there are just seven days left to enter the Spring Giveaway. I have a few goodies to send along with Henry and Hariett Hare, but they are surprises. So, if you have not entered yet, please go to that posting and leave a comment. I am only taking entries from that posting.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday evening and thank you to all the wonderful comments left for me. It is truely a pleasure for me to read them. I love to read your blogs also.

Prim Blessings,

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