Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Swap ~Americana~sale finds

Hi Blog Friends,
I know it's been awhile~
I have been working on crafts,
planting the garden,
 doing yard work along with the usual day to day choirs.
To be honest, I'm just not enjoying blogging as much as I use to.
Blogger keeps changing and it's become more of a choir to blog, rather than a fun thing.
Some of you probably can relate.
I wanted to share a wonderful swap I did with Lecia over at Farmhouse Prims.
I had stopped by Lecia's last month for her birthday to drop off some goodies and she showed me the spring rabbits she had made to sell.
Well, I fell in love with them and told her if they don't sell (hoping secretly they don't, ssshhh.)
I'd like to do a swap with her for them.
Lecia emailed me and asked if I really wanted to do the swap~
I was so excited! Of course I did!
Lecia really spoiled me.
Not only did she swap me the rabbit dolls I had drooled over,
but gifted me the cutest little prim sister dolls,
one of her prairie journals, a yummy tart and a beautiful bonnet.

 Just look at the details!

Lecia, I love everything you gifted me. Thank you my friend!
I am so honored to have your handmades to decorate my home.
And even more honored to have such a sweet friend close by that I met through blogland.
Lecia sells her wares each month on Early Work Mercantile.
Stop by to see what she has to offer each month.
I will say, the pics do not do her work justice.
Thank you again Lecia~
Thought I'd share a few of the Americana/summer items I've been working on.
Uncle Sam~ pattern by Bits of Cloth( freebie on patternmart right now)

Martha~ pattern by TFC folkart.

Star with Eagle~ pattern by Kentucky Primitives.

Bee door doll~ pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings.

Sam and Liberty~ pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings.

Bee skep with bee's~ combination of patterns
Tennessee Ridge bee skep and Old homestead barn bee's.
Thought I'd also share a collage of the items I've been fortunate enough to find at sales lately.
Upper left~ antique straw/hay cutter, really a gorgeous piece, I'd like to keep but not sure if I will.
Nice blue cabinet and white cabinet to re do.
Child size rockers.
sweet baby doll crib from the 40's.
box lot I paid a $1 for full of prim goodness.
And the last pic is a cabinet I picked up to use for storage of all the patterns I have.
I believe it's an old canning cupboard.
That's about all I have to share right now.
I have few summer/Americana items to finish up, then gonna start on fall. Yep you read it right~
Fall will be here before we know it and that's my biggest sell season, so I hope to get stockpiled.
Hope you all are doing well~
Say a prayer for the people whom have suffered so much devastation in the mid west.
It's hard to watch on tv.
Prim Blessings,