Monday, June 25, 2012

Another make do finished:

Hi blog friends!

Here's another make do chair I finished up this weekend.
I think it's my favorite one yet!
I used an old sack to cover the back and used the excess to make the seat cushion.

I love the old mending spots and all the stains thru out the sack.
Gives it a time worn look.
Although the stains look bolder in the pics and not in person.

Guess what I made the sides from?

An old ironing board!
I split the top angled portion of the board in half!

Here's a view of the back.
See the old mending down to the right.

This one is going to be very hard to part with.

I have two more chairs to finish before the crawl and have a stack of sewing to get working on for the fall.

Never enough time in the day, is it!
Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hi blog friends!
Boy is it HOT!!! I’m sure a lot of you on the East Coast are experiencing this sweltering heat wave.
I wanted to share a sweet swap I did with Brandy over at The Lil Prim Cabin.

Brandy sent me a beautiful blacken wax cupboard hanger, six great smelling wax tarts and a prim can candle.

The can has a Prim Cupboard label and the top is wrapped in cheese cloth. I have it sitting on my prim cupboard in the kitchen. Smells so yummy!!
Thank you Brandy for all the goodies!
Brandy has an Etsy shop were she sells all her wonderful handmade candles/tarts.
Stop by to see what she has to offer.

I’ve been working on veggies this week and made up two Farmer’s Market baskets.

Filled to the brim with~
corn, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes and green beans. Oh and a few radish for good measure.
Still got lots to do, So stay in where it’s cool!
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bitty Bears

Good rainy Monday blog friends!

Wanted to share a picture of these bitty bears with you~
pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm.
They are so fun to make.
I used terry cloth for their heads, instead of the plush felt.

Have a wonderful week!
Thank you for stopping by and leaving me all your sweet comments.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day, Make do and Patriotic's:

Happy Flag Day blog friends!
It's been quite beautiful weather here in the valley
 lately and I've been busy as usual.

I finally got to work on some wood and create some make do chairs out of the ladder backs I told you about a few posts back.

This first one I did in black homespun.
I was going to leave the wings off the side, but just wasn't happy with how it looked.

So I took it to the work shop and cut some wings out of pine ~ painted them black and transformed the chair to this. I love how it turned out! 

Then I did one in a tapestry print and covered the wings to match. 

They are a lot of work, but the out come prim perfect!!

Here's some of the Patriotic I've been making.

Star make do with eagle~ design by Kentucky Primitives.
Great seller!!! sold all the one's I made.

Sam the crow ~ design by Olde Homestead Barn.
I love this big ol' guy~ so unique.

Uncle Sam ~ design by Chestnut Junction.

Sam and Liberty make do's~ design by My Primitive Saltbox.

Civil war soldier~ design by Dee Duncan

Sam's ~design by Bittersweet Folk Art

God Bless America cupboard dolls~ design by Blue Moon Beginnings.

Patriotic Eagles ~ design by Kentucky Primitives.

The last couple of evenings I've been drawing and cutting a lot of fall items to start on.
Fall is the biggest selling time ~ at least for me and every year I say I'm going to 
get a stock pile of items done, so I'm not so stressed ~ so for me to start on them in June is a big step.
Not to mention the Rt. 11 yard crawl is fast approaching!! Yikes!
It's the second Saturday in August.
I best get busy,
 but with these beautiful summer days,
 it's so hard not to go outside and play.

Wishing you all a beautiful fun filled weekend!