Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yard sale finds and finished crafts:

Hi Blog Friends,

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend weather. At least here in the valley it sunny, warm and beautiful.

I went out in search of some yard sales this morning and by gosh there were quite a few to be found.

I must have stopped at 25 of them but only bought from two places. Either people had mostly clothing or they wanted to much for their junk.

Here’s some of my loot!


Nice blue basket for a quarter, but I’m going to stain it to tone down the robin egg blue color. 2 cutting boards for 50 cents  to make into wall hangings, 3 small pans for 75 cents to craft with, a really nice glass jar with wood lid for 50 cents~ I’ve been looking for one to do as a pantry jar for my fur baby treats. (See my beautiful peonies in the back ground?)

Then I ran into these. The top one I bought first at a sale and paid $5 for it ~ all rusty and prim. I wanted it to put my twig Christmas tree in.


Then at another yard sale I found this one for only 50 cents! It’s in great condition and I just could not pass it up. Now I’m not sure which one I want to keep. heehee.


I also found this really nice hand hooked rug for only 50 cents! I thought it would look nice as a pillow. When I bought it I did not realize the deer antlers spelled out welcome, but it’s still cute. Someone put a lot of time in making it.


I also got a nice little foot stool to redo, but I left it in the garage so no pic of it. So that was my junking adventure for this weekend.


Here’s the farmer cat finished up. I love making these. They turn out so prim and the mice are so realistic. The patterns by Kentucky Primitives.


This is a quick and easy pattern by Chestnut Junction. Love how this Uncle Sam shelf sitter turned out.


And this Uncle Sam doll is prim and plump. The pattern is from one of my old craft magazines and I rag stuffed his body to make him feel old.


So that’s all I’ve been up to, besides cutting grass and enjoying the sun shine for a change.

Hope you all will be enjoying you weekend too.

Thanks for stopping by.

Prim Blessings, Jean

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Surprises in the mail and some finishes, well almost….

Hi Blog Friends,

It’s really yucky here this morning. Dark clouds, rumbles of thunder in the distance and a calm in the air. Kind of eerie. I keep watching the barometer to see if I need to go hide Really, I hate storms and get very scared of them, especially when by my self.

I want to get this post done before the storms really hit.

Yesterday I received two packages in the mail from two sweet bloggers.


This sweet package is from Becky Jean over at Primitives N Stitchin.


Becky hosted a giveaway and was sweet enough to draw three winners. I was one of the lucky gals to win one of her little sewing pocket dollies. I just love her! She is so perfectly prim and the craftsmanship is just wonderful. Becky, thank you so much for this sweet dolly! She will be well loved for many years to come. Go pay Becky a visit, yesterday was her and hubbies 24th anniversary! Happy Anniversary!



This package is from Linda over at Parker’s Paradise.

Last week, Linda emailed me asking about the little prairie dolls I made that were an experiment I was working on. She fell in love with them, so I decided to just send them to her, but she said I might get a package in the mail from her too. Well I certainly did not expect anything and when I seen this big box in my mail box, I just could not imagine what was inside.


Just look at all these goodies! I was like a little kid at Christmas. The items just kept coming.

006 008

Wonderfully prim wood spoons of all shapes and sizes! Love em’! I’ll be putting them in a crock I have.  A prim Wisk broom ~ I have been wanting one ~now I have it!

007 005

This wooden plate/bowl holder, perfect for a bowl I have! This prim perfect candle shelf, Love it! And the band box under it~ perfect addition to my Americana collection.


Ditty bags! Love em’!


And certainly not least these dish/hand towels. If your like me you can always use them.

Linda, you are such a sweetie! Thank you so much for all the goodies you sent. You make me smile! I certainly was the one who was spoiled in this deal! Go on over to Linda’s blog an check out her display chain for today.


Remember the pile of items I have to finish in a previous post, well here they are almost done.


Prairie doll bag holders designed by The Olde Country Cupboard.  They’ll each hold a chicken. These are so easy to sew up and love how they look.


A couple of prairie dolls also designed by The Olde Country Cupboard. They still need the stars finished and put in their hands.


These extreme prim dolls are from a pattern by Threadbare Primitives. I still have the stars on a stick to finish and add. They look much better in person, I may have to keep one of them for myself.

I still have the farm cats to finish and will show some pics once there complete. Oh, and I purchased a few new patterns from various artist on The pattern cupboard ~ there are lots of sale patterns on there right now.

I hope everyone stays safe with all this horrible weather. Great day to try and get lots sewn and completed.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by to see what’s been happening here at my blog.

Prim Blessings, Jean

Monday, May 16, 2011

PAFA giveaway win and what I’m working on.

Good Monday blog friends,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was pretty nice weather wise here in the valley. Sun/clouds during the day and rain in the nights.

My sister and niece came for a visit for the weekend. It was very nice. On Saturday we went to Luray for the spring festival. There was a nice selection of vendors set up, but it seems food vendors and jewelry vendors out weigh all else. There were a few primitive vendors, but most of the items they offered where not hand made! We did go into some of the shops along the main street and I did find something I had been looking for.

007 008

A child's old slate. It’s in very nice condition and the old cloth edging is still in good condition. I have seen these in antique shops for as much as $20, but this one I only paid $5 for it. That’s all I purchased at the show.


I was a winner over at The PAFA Etsy Team giveaway.  I won this beautiful hand painted picture done by Barb of Barb’s Heartstrokes.


Here is how I decided to display it for now, but I may be changing my whole living room around we’ll see.

I want to send a BIG Thank You to Barb as well as all the talented artists at PAFA for hosting and donating all the wonderful hand mades for their giveaway. I had so much fun seeing all the offerings and who won these generous giveaways.


Here are some of the things I’ll be working on this week.


Farmer cats~ pattern by Kentucky Primitives and black dolls ~ pattern by Threadbare Primitives.


And some of these~ prairie doll bag holders~ pattern by The Olde Country Cupboard.

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for stopping by my little blog to see what’s been going on in my neck of the woods!

Blessings, Jean

Friday, May 13, 2011

Finished wood crafts:

Good Friday blog friends,

It’s rainy and dreary here in the valley this morning. I guess we can’t complain though, it was sunny and warm all this week; so I was able to get to work with some wood for a change.

I finished the wood crafts and said I’d share with you when they were done.

So here they are!

001 002

Black prim wall box. Perfect for the wall or door.

005 006

Prim towel holder. Love how this turned out! Perfect for any prim necessary room. Inspired from a picture at Sawdusty’s Cabin.


Prim candle board/paddle. Love how theses turned out too! The pattern for this is from Kerri at The Calico Rabbit.  I put jute twine in the handle so I can hang them in my booth, but it can be removed.

Well, gotta get ‘em in my booth for the weekend sales! We’re having the annual civil war re-enactment this weekend so lots of people in town.

Have a great weekend everyone!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people whom have been affected by the flooding of the Mississippi River.

Prim Blessings, Jean

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A make-over

Hi blog friends,

Thought I’d share with you what I’ve been working on this week.

I have this table in my kitchen.

001 002

I wanted to either replace or re-do it and since times are tough with not a lot of extra moolaa. I thought I’d just re-do it. The table itself is nice and sturdy. Well made hard wood. I have been coving this table with a vinyl table cloth for 4 yrs now and am tired of doing that. See the wood surface is worn and the stain on top is yucky. Not very prim.

So, I took it out to the patio; got my sander and paper and went to town on it! I sanded the finish off the top and scuffed the legs to show some bare wood. Then used Early American stain and went over the whole thing.

003  005

006 007

Now the top is an even color stain and looks more prim to my taste. Now I need to do something with the chairs! Maybe paint, but I don’t think Larry will let me do that. I’d like to have a few ladder backs, and found some at an auction a few weeks back that were perfect, but at auction they went for $125 each! Ouch! We have quite a few chairs in storage so I’ll have to go rummage through and see if I have some that will do. If not, I will just paint the ones in the pic while Larry’s at work! ssshhh, don’t tell him I said

I’ve also been working on some wood things for my selling booth. I’ll try to get pics and share later.

Wishing you a great day!

Blessings, Jean

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finished em’ up…

Hi Blog Friends,

Just wanted to show ya I finished the pile of crafts finally.

Remember these in a previous post?


Here’s the chickens all done! I had made one for Sandy when we did our swap last month and loved how it turned out so I made some to put in my selling booth and consignment shop.


Star bowl fillers all grungied up.


Love this sweet little Liberty Mouse! It was a free newsletter pattern from Kim at Old Road Primitives blog. It pays to sign up for newsletters cause ya never know when you’ll get something for free!

009 008

Then I seen on Tam’s blog ~A Primitive Place~ where she had made the cutest burlap bear. I have wanted one ever since I seen it, so I tried making me one and think he turned out really cute! He’s only 5” tall when sitting and I jointed his arms and legs. I left his foot pads raw edge out and added a few black stitches here and there. I still like Tam’s better, but this one will do for me.


Yesterday I took a bunch of my crafts over to the new shop in Stanley.  The name of the shop is LG Primitives.  They don’t have a website but it is on Facebook. Click the link to see pics Lory~ the owner~ has posted of the shop. I’m excited to see how my crafts will do there.

Last night I cut and traced a big pile of things to work on this week and hopefully get done. I found a pattern in one of my old Market Place books for an Uncle Sam doll, so its in the pile.

I also need to get outside and work in the garden and cut the grass again due to all the rain we’ve had the garden is slow in being put in and the grass grows overnight! Come July I’m sure I’ll be wishing for rain so I guess I shouldn’t complain to much now.

I want to wish all my followers a Happy Mother’s Day. Use the day to slow down and just enjoy your family.

Prim Blessings, Jean

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sharing some things I’ve been working on….

Good morning Blog Friends,

I promised I’d share some pics of the crafts I have been working on, so here they are.


Primitive Cat ~Oswald~ pattern by Olde Homestead Barn . This was such an easy, fun pattern to make. I love how he turned out! Perfect for Summer and Americana.

016 018

Sam the crow pattern also by Olde Homestead Barn . My boyfriend said ~he’s so ugly he’s cute! Well I love how this old crow turned out. He’s much grungier than the pic shows, I guess the flash makes it look none grungy. He even has rusty bells for his eyes!


Prim Lil Bee Skep~ pattern by Sassafras Hill Primitives. I love how these turned out! Again, they are more prim in person. The bees alone would make great bowl fillers. This is a great pattern for summer.


Making lots of star bowl fillers too. These sold very well last year and seem to sell all year long. They just get a little boring after awhile to make. I’m sure you all have items like that too.

007 009008

Prairie doll tucks. I was at a shop a few weeks back with my sil Amy and seen a prairie doll that was made on a soda bottle and wanted to try making one for myself. Well so far I have not liked how it turned out so I used the bodies and made these tucks. I love how they turned out. I’m still working on getting the one on a bottle made to my liking.


Working on some Peahens ~ this is an old pattern from Barbara Stein that was published in the 2006 Country Marketplace magazine. They were originally to be made as make do’s but I like them as shelf sitters. Just need to finish them up!


I also have this pile of items to get finished. Sheep tucks, mice, and chickens, oh my! Sorry couldn’t


And finally a bag full of my sunflowers, waiting to be grungy. These also sell very well for me. The pattern is on my blog sidebar for free if you’d like to make some.

I have purchase quite a few new patterns from various designers and want to get started on them, but I should finish these up first. I have a bad habit of starting different things and stopping to make something else. I don’t know why it’s hard for me to stick to one craft and complete it before starting on another. I guess it’s the monotony of it all.

Well, that’s all I have to share for now. Gotta get these things done so I can move on to something new. At least I

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Blessings, Jean

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