Thursday, April 26, 2012

Annie's Apple Pie~

Hi Blog Friends,
Gonna be another wet day here in the Valley, but that's okay. We need the rain!

Finished up a couple of these cuties this week!
Annie's Apple Pie~ pattern by Sandy of You are Special.

What a sweet face!

And her pie looks delicious enough to eat!

I forgot how much I love making raggedy's~
I have lots more to work on, so best get busy!

Thank you to all the sweet comments you ladies leave me. 
I have good intentions on responding to you, but time seems to slip away
or maybe I'm just lazy that way.
I just want you all to know, I read your comments and visit your blogs to see what your up to.
You are an inspiration to me!
Sometimes I think about giving up blogging, as I'm not consistent with it. But then I think back to the reason I started blogging~ to share and promote all the talented designers patterns and most of all make some wonderful friends!
So, please don't think I'm not visiting you, I am
And I enjoy my visits with you!

Have a great weekend!
Many Blessing to YOU!


  1. What a cutie pie! (no pun intended) Sandy's patterns are so inventive! I used to make dolls but just don't have the time anymore--then I see a great doll like this and am so tempted to FIND the time! And THAT'S why I have so many patterns that are uncut!! :)--Jan

  2. What a great job you do. She is just too cute.
    Have fun with what you do,

  3. You do great work. I just can not make the dolls that have any kind of hair. Maybe some day I will get to meet a blogger friend and they can show me. Doesn't matter how good a pattern is explained...I am just a SHOW ME kind of person :)

  4. She is the cutest thing! You are so talented, I love it! Have a great day.

  5. Oh Friend
    I just love your dolls.
    Such expressions on their faces.
    You are very talented.

  6. Hi Jean, Beautiful raggedy. I remembered when I started making dolls, that type of dolls are my favorites. I think I don't make one in about 4 years and really missed them. Their faces are always sweet.Thanks for sharing, I have dozens of patterns from Sandy, she has awesome Raggedy Patterns.

  7. I think making dolls is one of the funnest things to make. I love it when they come to life after you've added the eyes and nose. They just make me smile and hug them. Have a happy and wet weekend. -Steph-

  8. I love the Raggady..she turned out adorable..

    I know what you mean about about reading and trying to keep up with all the comments and responses.. I never seem to get caught up but I do read everyones post..

    Have a great weekend!