Friday, March 11, 2011

Found my hunt items for list #1 …..woohoo…..

I’m participating in the Scavenger Hunt over at 1890 Gable House Musing.

scavage hunt 3 9 to 4 15

List #1 consists of the following:

Faceless Rag Doll/Cloth Doll

Homespun Pillow Case

Old jar of Garden Seeds

Doll Bed

Ironstone Pottery/Dishware

Pastry roller

This is where I chose to Display my Scavenged Items.

prim cupboards 036

We have to show at least 4 of the 6 items in order to move to the next weeks list, so here are the items I have.

hunt items 001

hunt items 002

1. Ironstone bowl, 2. old mason jar of flower seeds and 3. pastry roller from pampered chef. Hey, Misi didn’t say the pastry roller had to be old or antique!

hunt items 003 hunt items 007

4. Faceless rag doll I made for my selling booth and its all sitting on a 5. homespun pillow case (adult size) inside my 6. antique doll bed.

On to the next round, I hope I have all the items for the next list.

Feel free to click on the picks to get a closer look =)

Thanks Misi for hosting this scavenger hunt, I’m having lots of fun hunting. Gives me a reason to get in my storage boxes!

You can click on the scavenge hunt picture at the top to visit Misi and see what the fun is all about.

Thanks for visiting,

Prim blessings, Jean


  1. Wow, you are on a roll Jean, I know you are enjoying your hoosier and pie safe!!!

  2. WOWZERS! ALL 6 !!
    Thank you Jean! ..Oh my LOVE that doll bed !
    Perfect Display.
    Thanks for joining in the fun

  3. Great Job on finding all the goodes, I'm having fun boppin to all the blogs to see what was found....Blessings, Traci

  4. Jean~ I love your doll bed so sweet! Hip Hopping through the hunt.Hugs!~Amy

  5. Wow Jean...that doll bed is great!

  6. I love the doll you made Jean! And that bed is awesome!

  7. Look at you go!!! Great job!

  8. That doll is too precious and I love your Doll Bed!

  9. Hi, Jean
    Love the doll bed~love~love it!!!
    I am new to your blog~ I just became a
    thanks for stopping by my blog & the nice comment!

  10. Wonderful doll bed. Congrats on finding all the hunt goodies.


  11. Jean, great job!!! After seeing your pastry roller, I have one like that... I thought it had to be old.... oh well, I had 4... OLM

  12. Love your doll bed, great job having all 6!!

  13. Wonderful finding all 6 items. Love the doll bed too!

  14. What great displays Jean! I especially love your little doll bed. Adorable. :)
    Wonderful pie safe in the background too. Yikes! Looking at your photos, I think I should have chosen a bigger display area. LOL
    Thanks for sharing your home Jean.

  15. all 6! that's great!
    see you next week!

  16. Lovely display. I LOVE the doll bed! It's the perfect blue. Congrats on having all 6!

  17. Great Job Jean!

    Thanks for sharing and see you next week!

  18. Woo Hoo is right! Awesome, you go girl! =] Best wishes for the next round.