Monday, March 21, 2011

Been crafting…. gardens about ready

Hi Blog Friends,

Happy Spring to you all! 

This past weekend was nice and sunny here in VA, but the temps were a bit on the cool side. 

I've been wanting to plant a small veggie garden for a few years now, and with the price of veggies going up (green peppers at Wal-Mart are at $1.44 each!) I’m finally getting my way. Usually all I do is buy a couple of tomato plants and stick’em in a pot on the patio.  We spent most of the weekend working out in the yard getting the area for my garden tilled and ready for the planting season.  I also bought some packets of seeds and a seed starter greenhouse and sowed the seeds for starting in doors. Now I’m not a farmer or much of a veggie grower, I do love to plant flower gardens and watch them grow, so this will be an adventure seeing if my garden will grow or produce the fruits of my


I did manage to get some crafts done this past week.

spring crafts 001spring crafts 002

Basket with Prim Paper Mache eggs and a grungy lite. Looks like a large nest of eggs. Much nicer in person!

spring crafts 004spring crafts 003

Lite box of eggs and a prim bunny. Bunny is a Tennessee Ridge Primitives design. I bought a bunch of old peat pots from the flea market for $2.00 and used one for the box here. Turned out really cute!

spring crafts 006

Another prim egg carton. These are selling as fast as I make them. A really popular item this year.

spring crafts 008

Primitive style bunny with stick legs. This was a free pattern by Sweet pea Primitives in Mercantile Gatherings Magazine.

spring crafts 010

Prim Angel, pattern by positively Primitives.

spring crafts 012

Chick on a spring. Very cute and really popular this year!

spring crafts 013

Another prim angel bust which was a free pattern in Mercantile Gatherings Magazine, by Bittersweet Folk-art.

goodies 003goodies 004

Prairie Spool Dolls, an original by me.  They have become quite popular sellers also.

spring crafts 014

I also made some nap time bunnies. These cuties are made from a pattern by My Primitive Saltbox and are pretty easy. Kathy offers all her patterns at a very affordable price of $2.00 and up. I love her patterns and you can not beat the prices.

I have lots more to do this week, so I better get busy. Before I know it I’ll be out cutting the grass!  Woohoo…..Spring has sprung and summers on it’s way!

Oh, and I need to go hunt for the second list of goodies Misi has posted for her scavenger hunt over at 1890 Gable house musings. Boy this one is quite the challenge! Check back for that posting.

Have a great Monday!

Prim blessings, Jean


  1. Jean,

    Good luck with your veggie garden. We plant one every year and have pretty good success with it and with the price of produce now it will be a welcome change in the shopping bill.

    Love all the new easter crafts that you made...boy have you've been busy. Have a great day.


  2. I am very excited about this year's garden since last year's tomatoes were such a bust. If all goes well, it is a real boon. We can as much as possible. Hubby is planning to plant onions, radishes and potatoes this week!
    Good luck with your garden. It isn't that hard if you do a little every day and don't let it get ahead of you ( weeds, that is!)
    BTW~ Prairie spool dolls are just gorgeous!

  3. wow you have been busy..I love the goodies you have made..I just pulled out my mercantile gathering magazine so I can make up some of these..its my favorite prim magine..;)

  4. I really love everything, you have got to quit tempting me Jean. Hugs, Lecia

  5. Really loving all your Easter goodies!!

  6. Found your blog through Shelia @ Seasons of thy heart. I love your Easter crafts. I will be stopping by again to see what goodies you have created next.