Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Sleet Rain, oh yuck!

Hi Everyone,

I guess you can tell by the title, we have some winter yuck here today in the valley. Just enough to make it hard to go outside.

It’s a great day to get some crafting done and boy do I need to get some things done.  I’m not sure what my problem is lately but all I seem to do is spin my wheels thinking of all the things I want to do, but just can’t seem to get to them. I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Confused smile

I do have a couple of items finished I’ll share with you.


What do you think of these little dollies? I was experimenting with a drawing I did of a little dolly and this is how they turned out. Their about 5” tall and I used Llama roving for the hair. I wanted to do them with out faces, but not sure if they would look better with a face??



I made another wood display box for Valentines, filled with different prim heart sizes and one of the little dollies, then added some prim picks and greens. I am happy how this one turned out. Maybe if I added wings to the dolly it might set her off better. What a quandary? 

Stay safe and warm blog friends,

Prim Blessings,



  1. Hi Jean,
    Stopping in to thank you for checking out my new blog..your babies are just so cute, too! I think they are perfect just the way they are..no faces necessary :)

  2. Oh Jean~ Those little dolls are so sweet.I like no faces more prim.Be safe sweetie!~Amy

  3. I like the no-face look on these little ones!!! Very nice job, Jean!!!

  4. Love the faceless dolls, they are adorable in the box with the hearts!!

  5. The little dolls are just precious! I always wanted to make some like this....yours are very cute! ♥

  6. I think your little faceless dolls are adorable! Something different, unique and they are very cute! Oh, wings could be really cute too. Lol, it is a quandary, isn't it? Maybe do some of both?

  7. Hi Jean:) Congratulations on winning Tammy's giveaway gal!
    I love your little Valentine dollies:) So cute.

  8. Hi Jean,
    Love your little dolls and wonderful Valentines box display.
    Did you happen to see who won my giveaway??
    Hummm... Who could it be???

  9. Hey Jean, I love your dollies..simple and prim..and love how you have them displayed too..love love your booth and how you have it displayed too..and I spyed some kittys..love the big black one.;) I am a new follower.;) have a great weekend:)