Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Selling booth and ramblings,

Good morning Blog Friends,

With a new year ahead comes some change.

I’m not one that makes new year resolutions, mainly because I can never keep them.Winking smile But I do like to change things around and make them fresh.

I went to my selling booth yesterday and cleared out all the Christmas stuff.  I left snowmen in my booth because they can be displayed for a few more months. Know I have plenty of room for Valentine and Easter items.

Here are pic’s of what my booth looks like now.




I have a stack of crafts I’m working on full of Valentine’s and everyday items.

I’m not going to focus to much on getting a lot of Valentines items in my booth. Not a lot of people decorate for this holiday, but Easter’s another story. And I love making Easter items, it’s my next favorite after Halloween!

SmileOn another note, Donna at Sweet Prairie Dwellings is still needing new followers on her blog. Her goal is to get to 400 followers, then have another great giveaway! Donna makes beautiful prim goodies and her giveaways are to die for. So you better go visit her and become one of her prim followers. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

Well I need to get off here and get busy making some new goodies. I’ll share with you when I have some completed.

I also just want to say I am truly blessed to have such wonderful followers, who comment on my posts. I Love to hear from y’all. Thank you for being a follower of mine. Red heart

Have a great day,

Prim Blessings, Jean


  1. Love the pictures of your booth. Your items are so nice. Prim Blessings, Janice-Black Creek primitives

  2. I love your booth! I see lots of awesome pieces in there!

  3. Like the pics of the booth, I wish we had a place to sell like that around here, looks like a fun place to shop.

  4. Love all the snowmen :) I too wish we had a place like that to sell things...also to go around and look at all the great thing people are making. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering in the giveaway!