Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not much happening….

Hi Blog friends,



This morning we woke up to  a crust of ice and expecting to get quite a snow storm this afternoon. The weatherman states we will see 5 to 10 inches of snow by tomorrow!  Now I know ya’ll are saying, poor thing…… No, really I know most of you are under feet's of snow and we here in the Valley have been very lucky so far this year. They say we are in the donut hole, where all the storms have just skirted around us, but I think this one is going to be a direct hit.

This is what it looked like here last year in January.

2010 snow


Yes that is a picture of our outhouse. Does anyone else out there have an outhouse? It is original to this old farmhouse of over 100 yrs. I peaked in there one time when I first moved in and got the creeps. In the summer I steer clear of it due to snakes. Couldn’t imagine ever having to use it.  

Yesterday I road over to Luray to visit some shops I’d been meaning to stop at and came across a junk shop that was going out of business. The man at the counter greeted me and said everything in the store is half price today as we are closing.

Well it looked like a bomb had gone off in the store. Things scattered everywhere and piles upon piles of things on shelves, tables, and the floor. I spent an hour looking around and just could not wrap my head around all the stuff I was seeing.  After a little rummaging all I could come up with that I really wanted was 2 zinc caps and a tin cup. I took them up to the counter figuring I’d pay two bucks for them, when the man at the counter said, Merry Christmas! I said excuse me, and he said no charge, Merry Christmas! He told me the owner of the store had passed away on Christmas Eve and he was trying to get ride of all the things in the store. I thanked him graciously and gave my condolence of his loss. He was so sweet. That’s what I love about living here in the valley, everyone is so nice and laid back. Just like all the friends I’ve made here on the blog.


Here’s another prim candle I made using a tuna fish can! I love how it turned out.


I’m working on Easter items and hope to have some things done soon. When I do I’ll share with you.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay warm and safe.

Prim Blessings,



  1. We're expecting 8+ here.It came in early and we already got about 2 inches.I'm hosting a seed swap if you wanna join in.Hugs!~Amy

  2. Great finds, great prices! Didn't you just want to go back and dig for more?


  3. woohoo...I would have gone back for more!! :)
    great stuff!!

  4. Good eve. Love your zinc lids and tin cup. I love your outhouse, a farmhouse isn't a farmhouse without an outhouse!!!!

  5. What a cute outhouse! I don't blame you though, I'd probably be the same way, only I might hang a metal star on the outside door to kinda prim it up a bit, ha.

    Love your freebies! How nice of the man to give them to you. Your tuna can is wonderful! I had to pull it up to get a closer look. If you don't mind me asking, what did you use on your little tealight? At first I thought you just painted it and added cinnamon but it looks like it has texture on it. I love the look of it.