Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yard Sale Finds,what I've been up to and Wally World....

Hi blog buddies,

Golly, Gee, Willikers.... I have some new prim follower friends. Welcome all, I am so blessed and would like to extend a warm Prim Welcome to you all.

I had said I would post pictures of  my latest yard sale finds so without further a-do:

Found these side tables for $5.00 for both. I think I will sand them down and paint. Not sure what color yet. They are solid wood constructed from pine wood with a cherry stain.. Once I get them done I will show pics.

Got this little bench for $5.00 to put in my selling booth to display my Annie dolls on. Just the perfect size for dollies!!!

 Found a whole box of candle lamps for $2.00!!! Some are plug in and some are battery.  Can't wait to grungy them with coffee, cinnamon and glue....
Gonna use them in my Christmas boxes!! Have to wait to see that!!!

Found a couple of small wood crates/ cheese boxes at a yard sale all for $2.00. I love to collect these and hang on a wall as a shadow box. They make great little cubbies on a wall or shelf!

Just a reminder, I am having a Prim Filled Fall Giveaway and you can sign up for that on my previous post. That is the only place I will except entries for the giveaway. So please go on down and leave your entry.

I am working on a bunch of new items for the fall and have already decided on some things to add to the fall giveaway, but I am going to keep them a surprise!!! heehee...

Gotta get some supplies from Wally World on Wednesday, what's up with them??? Everything is changing. They do not carry the 10lb boxes of stuffing anymore and the fabrics are getting slimmer in pickings!!!  You know times are changing when they go down hill!!!!!!!! The closest Jo Anne fabrics to me is over an hour away. What's a crafter to do if Wally world goes out of business or worse, stops selling craft supplies. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

That's all I have for now, have a great week!!!
Until next time, Prim Blessings to you


  1. good evening Jean.U love the bench.its so cute and such a great bargain.I just had the hubby get me a old crate and i havent the slightest what i should do with it.but I just knew I had to have It.lol.have a great night and blessings michelle

  2. Nice side tables Jean. I hope Wally World gets their act together so you don't have todrive so far for your supplies.

  3. I can't afford Joanne's. I need the WalMart prices!
    The tables are going to be really nice.
    The bench is perfect as it is!