Monday, August 2, 2010

I won a beautiful giveaway and sharing pics of a make over:

Hi Everybody,

I had the nicest surprise this morning. I won the giveaway from Andy, at Andys Primitive Farmhouse.

I am so excited!! Thank you Andy for such a beautiful gift.

Andy makes these signs herself , as well as the stitchery. She is so talented!! If you have not checked her blog out, click on the link above and see for yourself how talented she is.

I have been busy working on getting my booths ready for the fall season and wanted something to display my tucks, ornies and fillers in.

I have an old wood ironing board that I had been contemplating making a high back bench out of and never got around to it.  After looking at it I thought, I bet that would make a great backing for a wall bin!! So with saw in hand I cut the smaller end of the board off to even it up, then used some pine scraps and designed this great bin.

What do you think?? Rather Prim looking. yeah!!!

Within the next few weeks the leaves here in the Shenandoah Valley will be turning and all the tourists will be coming down, so I have been trying to stock up on fall and making Christmas goodies to keep my booth stocked. 
I have also met a lady who is opening a florist shop not far from me and asked if I would be interested in putting some of my handmades in her boutique. She will be opening in a few weeks, so I am looking forward to getting with her to work out the details.  I have always dreamed of having my own shop doing floral arrangements and selling crafts.God is sending me signs. It may not be my own shop, but this is a great way to see if that is what I really want to do. I'll update you on this venture as it happens.

Got to get back to my sewing. Thank you for visiting.

Don't forget to stop by Andy's and say hey to her.

Oh,  I am almost at 100 followers. I want to do a 100 follower giveaway and will be thinking up some great goodies to giveaway, so keep watching, cause this is only going to be for my followers. Once I choose the time to do my giveaway, only the current followers will be invited to enter. If you know of anyone that would like my blog and are not following me at this point, send them over.

Prim Blessings,


  1. You are so lucky! Andy's signs are awesome!
    I love the way you reused the ironing board. I never thought of it as anything but an ironing board. Inspirational!!!!

  2. Congratulations on winning your prizes from Andy!!! You will love her creations. I have a couple of her signs and just love them!!!!! I like how you reused the ironing board!!!

  3. you are so talented, love what you did with the ironing board.. BEAUTIFUL :) I will ship your sign and stitchery out this weekend, I hope that is okay :) I am moving on Wednesday so I am a bit disorganized at the moment.

  4. I was so hoping to win that giveaway! You are fortunate girl!

    What a neat idea to turn that ironing board into a wall bin. Very clever and it holds lots of ornies it looks like.

    Best wishes on your shop adventures. Sounds like you have some awesome opportunities ahead of you... even better with the holiday season approaching us.