Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time flies when your having fun.......

Hi Everyone,
Boy how time flies by when your working and enjoying all the great things life offers in the summer time.

I made a new blogger header picture for Prim crafts. The plaque saying is Remember the days Blessings, forget the days Troubles. I found this plaque in a shop in Lancaster Pa a few years ago. Words we should all live by.

I finally finished the antique bench I bought at a yard sale awhile back. You can see the before pics a few posts down.
It really turned out nice. I love the fabric I picked out.  The floral print matches the carving in the back of the bench.

Not sure if I will sell it or find a place in my house for it. LOL. It's quite comfy to sit in.
Here' a close up pic of the fabric. What do you think? Is it prim enough? I think it set the chair off.

I also made another bucket bench.  The place where I sell my crafts had a lady interested in one of my bucket benches but needed it to be a specific size and wanted it in prim black. I do not like to take orders for things, because I just don't know if it will turn out the way they imagine the item.  I like to just make things and if it sells, it sells. I have to say once I finished it I was happy with it and the lady was ecstatic!!
I haven't sewn much but am gearing up to start on fall crafts. I love to make fall and winter crafts the most. I have quite a few new patterns and lots of ideas. I'll be sure to share pics once I get started on them.
It's just so hard to sit an sew when the weather outside is so beautiful.

Well, that's all I have for now.

I also want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe July 4th!!!
God Bless,

Thank you for visiting,

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