Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fall pumpkins, corns and scarecrow.....oh my.....

Hey there, hope everyone is having a GREAT Wednesday!! Can you believe it, I'm posting twice in one day.Lol.
Well I got some things done so I figured I'd share really quick.
If you did not read my earlier post - Free Tip for the prim crafters, you might want to try it.
The following Fall crafts were all primmed using that nifty item!!!!

Li'l Jack Pumpkins!!
I made these cuties using muslin, then coffee/paint stained, sanded them using scotch-brite pad.
They are 2" tall and oh so plump!!

Same with these cool cuties!!!
The large one is 7" and I added a cheesecloth tie with rusty pin and bell. Then I added a prim tag. The smaller ones are 4". Just left them plainly primmed.

I just love how this cute scarecrow head turned out!!! He would be great plopped on top a straw filled body - of an old flannel shirt and pair of jeans.
The pattern is from The Olde Country Cupboard. Sandy is so tallented.   

Well that's all I have for now. It stopped rainning and now the sun is shining and it's soooooooo hummiddddd out, I guess I will stay in and make some more fall crafts, or maybe some snowmen!!!! heeheehee.

Thanks for stopping by.
Prim Blessings,


  1. Makes me want to drag out my fall goodies! Love the candy corns!!

  2. cute, cute jean!!

  3. Love the pumpkins and candy corn. They are two of my fave autumn goodies!

  4. I knew that adorable little scarecrow face looked familiar. I follow Sandy and I love all her creations!! You are right... she is so very talented! But so are you! I love the sweet little candy corns and pumpkins that you made!

  5. What kind of paint do you use on the muslin?