Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend was a success!

Good Monday All,

First I want to send a big Thank You to Linda over at Parker’s Paradise. Sweet Linda emailed me a few weeks back, asking if I’d do a swap with her for some chocolate burlap. She seen my candy corn with mice and wanted one. Of course I love fabric and burlap is always a needed item this time of year, so off the corn and mice went.

Well, Linda did not only send a whole bolt of chocolate burlap but a whole box of goodies!


Just look at all these goodies! I love it all!  I love Americana and the Sweet Land Of Liberty pillow is a wonderful addition to my collection and Linda’s little shoe pinkeep~ LOVE IT!


Linda sent some little bird nests~ a whole bag of threads~ a beautiful cubby with drawer and pantry cake~ and the fall theme wall box~ Love, love love!


Can’t wait to use some of this burlap! I see scarecrow hats and  bears in my future.

Thank you Linda! I love swapping with you.

First I have to apologize. I asked my sister to remind me to take some pics of the yard crawl and of course we both forgot!

The Rt. 11 Yard Crawl was such a success! Usually, this is a one day event, but this year there were so many people setting up on Friday I decided to do the same. Both days I had a steady stream of people come to buy my creations. I met so many wonderful people, Thank you to all!  I am blessed to have such wonderful customers. I’d like to send a special Thank you out to Carolyn and Faye~ two faithful friends that have come to see me each year at the crawl. I’m looking forward to next year.

I said I didn’t get any pics of the actual crawl, but on Saturday afternoon about 4:30 the skies started getting ominous looking and a few customers had told me there was a bad storm in the area that in fact the storm had just come through Woodstock VA and took some roofs off of some of the building there. So my sister and I decided we better start getting thing packed up. Thank God we did. The storm came through just as we had put the last box in the house and boy was it bad.

Straight line winds, torrential down pours of rain for about 15 minutes! We watched out the window as this storm came through and a lot of the other vendors had not gotten there items packed or there tents down in time.

Of course then I remembered the camera!




I could not believe people were actually standing out in these straight line winds trying to hold their tents down! Thank God no one was seriously injured. There was quite a bit of damage to the tents and glassware. People pitched together to try and salvage what they could and cleaned up the aftermath. All I can say is it’s a good thing to heed the warnings when you see the skies blacken and others telling you there is a bad storm in the area.

Sunday morning we walked out to see if there were any goodies left in any of the pile of garbage left behind and I found this picture with the frame and glass in tacked. I love the picture and wish it had not gotten soaked by the rains. I’m gonna try to salvage it, but if not the frame can be used elsewhere.


Look at these darling little dresses! I just had to purchase them at the sale. The top one is my favorite! There all vintage~ the three in the middle are christening gowns. 


I got all this fabric for $7! They range in length from 2 yds to 7 yds. What a deal!


Well, that was my weekend~ it was a lot of work but a big success!

Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Thanks for stopping by, I need to get working on more fall goodies and I am still planning on hosting my giveaway. I’ll be announcing it soon.

Have a great and productive week!

Blessings, Jean


  1. Hi Jean, I thought about you this weekend and was hoping that you would have a great day!!! So glad it went well for you!!! Love all your goodies from Linda. Can't wait to see what you make with your fabric and new burlap.
    Love your little dresses, so cute! Hugs, Lecia

  2. Sitting here drinking my coffee, quickly scanning blogs, and reflecting on my weekend with my grandsons, saw your post and had to stop by and say I'm glad you had a terrific weekend, though to bad about the storm that came through! We're having a cool, breezy and cloudy day today but our weekend was fun and full of swimming and playing in the sand. I'm so behind in meeting deadlines but these little boys come first in my life.
    What a generous package from Linda too.
    Hope you have wonderful week my friend. Take care.

  3. Well you got yourself some lovely items there Jean and you sure were lucky to get packed away just before the storm hit.

    Your goodies from Linda are just great, am lovin that brown burlap and I too see bears on the horizon! LOL

  4. Hi Jean,
    So glad to hear that The Rt 11 Yard Crawl was a success...and that you were able to get packed up before the storm hit.
    What great goodies you got from the dark brown burlap.

  5. Congrats Jean on awesome weekend "yard" crawl
    sale, Love your Blog its so re-freshing,clean
    and easy to upload keep up the great job.You
    have the best Blog! Will stop by again soon
    You are one talented gifted person :-)
    Have a enjoyable week....

  6. Congrats Jean! So glad you enjoyed your successful sale and that you got out of the storm safely. Will be looking forward to your giveaway! ~*~Lisa

  7. WooHoo Jean! So glad to hear you had a successful sale! But, of course, you would...your items are so dang cute! And glad you heeded the storm warnings and got things taken down in time. Love your goodies from Linda...she sure knows her spoilin'!! That wall box is my absolute favorite!! Something about the combination of wood and screen that I find irresistible!! Enjoy! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. I am so glad everything got there safely. Glad to hear you are happy.
    Sounds like Rt 11 Yard Crawl was good for you. It certainly does pay to heed advice like that! Looks like they just ended up with more clean-up and repairs! I'm glad you got out/in (?) early!
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. glad you had a great weekend..and listened to your friends..great finds..and I love the stuff Linda sent you..she is a true treasure...:)

  10. I am glad that the yard crawl was a success and that you got your things in before the storm. How scary. Love the chocolate burlap. You can make so many neat things from that. Just looking at it makes me want to go get a bite of a chocolate bar. -Steph-