Monday, August 29, 2011

Help, please?

Hi Blog Friends,

I am in need of some help.
I have a bunch of sweet annie growing and I'm not sure when to cut and dry it.
I have read some articles off the web about sweet annie but not sure when to havest.
Below are some pictures of what mine looks like right now and think it may be ready, but not sure.
So, what do you think? I'd appreciate some help if you know when to harvest.
I have been looking for glycerine to use in drying and have had no luck. Michael's, Jo anne's, and Ben Franklin don't carry it around here, so I guess I'll be drying it the old fashion way and hope for the best. 

Thanks for stopping by.
Blessings, Jean


  1. Jean~ The sweet annie is ready when there are little seeds all over it,yours looks ready.If you air dry it it usually turns brown and faded.You can usually get glycerin from the pharmacy or at walmart in pharmacy area.If you can't find it ask the pharmist to help you but that's were I used to get mine when I did alot of drying.Hope this helps sweetie.Hugs!~Amy

  2. The Sweet Annie looks beautiful Heres some
    great info from Denise Davis
    Sassafras Hill Primitives
    her article is called Random Thoughts on
    Growing Your Own Sweet Annie.. Her information
    will be of great help to you....:-)
    Are you plan on growing it and selling the
    Sweet Annie, you have the perfect climate
    for growing it...

    Warm Blessings

  3. Hi Jean,
    Your Sweet Annie is so pretty. I love the look and smell of it, but I can't have any on anything because I'm allergic to it. Such a bummer!! My MIL used to grow Sweet Annie and she would tie it in bunches and dry it in her basement.

  4. looks like you have a bunch of the little balls...they need to be harvested before they open up to yellow flowers....

  5. It is definitely time to cut--tie into bundles.
    glycerin is available at most pharmacies but can be pricey. makes a huge difference in results......

  6. I love dried flowers and herbs but unfortunately I am highly allergic to sweet annie. Can't even go near it because of the smell. Good luck in drying yours.
    Country at heart

  7. hi Jean, I love sweet Annie and would love to buy a bunch from you for crafting. Let me know when it is ready. Yours is beautiful. Hugs, Lecia