Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Prims Everywhere!

Hi Blog Friends,

Well it’s still hot here in my neck of the woods, but the humidity has let up for now. Hope you all are staying nice and cool with all this heat.

I want to thank all my wonderful friends that commented on my last post. I love hearing from you and the fact that you all feel the same way about posting and commenting puts my mind at ease.

Well, remember all these?


And these?

prim fall crafts 001

I have some of them all put together and want to share with you.

It’s so neat how something like this~

prim fall crafts 004

Can turn into something like this!

prim fall crafts 009 prim fall crafts 012

prim fall crafts 010 prim fall crafts 013

These are patterns by Olde Homestead Barn. I love how they turned out! They are large pieces, great as a window display or to sit on a tabletop at an entry way to greet guests.

I’m so in love with this next pattern by Kentucky Primitives.

prim fall crafts 005 prim fall crafts 006

The candy corn are burlap with mice coming thru them! I wish my pictures where better~ they look so awesome in person.

prim fall crafts 015 prim fall crafts 016

These are patterns by My Primitive Saltbox. I made these last year for my selling booth and sold them faster than I could make them!

I still have quite a few things to finish up and hope to move onto some new crafts by the end of the week. I don’t know about you all but I get bored doing the same things all the time. I have many irons in the stove and piles of things waiting to be completed.

Oh, and what’s up with blogger? I read all my followings in Google Reader and have noticed that some of the blogs I follow are no longer showing up on there. Gggrrrrr. I checked my followings page in blogger and your all still there, but Google doesn’t show them. Does anyone else have this problem? And I really wish Google Reader would make it easier for us to comment on blogs thru the reader page without having to load the blog completely. That would make blogging so much better for all of us, don’t ya think?

Thanks for stopping by to see what I’ve been up to! I can’t wait to show you the Prim Scarecrow I’m working on from a pattern by Kentucky Primitives. It’s awesome too!

Have a great day!

Prim Blessings, Jean


  1. Oh my gosh, what awesome work you are doing!!! Love everything, your are just sewing and staining your little hands off! Thanks for sharing all of your hard work, it is inspiring!:)

  2. Jean, your prims are wonderful! You sure are making progress. I love My Primitive Saltbox & Kentucky Primitives patterns too! Keep on creating ~*~Lisa

  3. I just LOVE all those fall goodies you're creating, those candy corns with the mice are too cute!!!! I love those pumpkins too, so grungey and PERFECT! A good way to stay cool in this heat is thinking of fall:)

  4. Hi Jean, I ran over to your shop yesterday hoping the fall things were ready, a day too early shoot. I definately want one of thost candy corn with mice. I just love everything. Hugs, Lecia

  5. oh Jean..I love all the goodies you them alot..I can see why everything sells out so do great work..can't wait to see the scarecrow you are making..)

  6. Hi Jean,
    It's hot here again today too.

    I love everything that you made!! I have several Kentucky Primitives patterns, but I don't have that candy corn one. Am going to get it to make some of those for my big Fall show. Yours are soooo.... cute!!! Can't wait to see the scarecrow.


  7. I am loving these treats! Really love the mice w/ candy corn!

  8. Hi Jean oh I love your fall prim goodies!! I love those pumpkins on a stick!! I can see why you sell out on your goodies!! But that's a good thing!! We are still a little muggy here in Mich. But at least there is a breeze today and hopefully some rain on the way!! Keep on keeping on and have a great Prim day!! XO Fran.

  9. Oh Jean! Those are positively delightful!!! Each is as cute as the next!!! You do amazing work!! Love how you do your pumpkins - and those little pokes are ADORABLE!! We're rainy and cool here today....but think the humidity is supposed to kick back in tomorrow. Re Blogger - all I can say is I know several have mentioned the same issue. I had it happen once, but it resolved when I signed completely out and signed back in. I know, tho, that hasn't worked for everyone. Good luck! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Love all your creations. Especially the candy corn with mice. Looks like you are ready for fall.
    Country at heart

  11. Jean, WOW!!! You have been busy!!!! SO much busier then! LOL!!!! OLM

  12. Hi Jean, Boy, you've been busy. Love everything, especially those candy corns/mice!!!!
    Hey, pop over to my blog and enter my snowmen giveaway. May cool you down!!! lol Ends Sun.

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  14. Hi Jean...When you get the chance can you please Email me? I have a question for you..And I ca'nt Email you this way ..for some stupid reason it wont let me do it.So I will need your Direct Email so I send you an Email Directly.My Email is Thanks Hon. And by the way I'm loving all your new stuff as always!! Hugs!!! ... Donna

  15. Hi Jean me again..Since the posts here on your blog all come up in all capital letters,,,I need to let you know,My Email is all lowercase letters. Thanks!!!

  16. GREAT STUFF!! You have been one busy lady!!