Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sharing some things I’ve been working on….

Good morning Blog Friends,

I promised I’d share some pics of the crafts I have been working on, so here they are.


Primitive Cat ~Oswald~ pattern by Olde Homestead Barn . This was such an easy, fun pattern to make. I love how he turned out! Perfect for Summer and Americana.

016 018

Sam the crow pattern also by Olde Homestead Barn . My boyfriend said ~he’s so ugly he’s cute! Well I love how this old crow turned out. He’s much grungier than the pic shows, I guess the flash makes it look none grungy. He even has rusty bells for his eyes!


Prim Lil Bee Skep~ pattern by Sassafras Hill Primitives. I love how these turned out! Again, they are more prim in person. The bees alone would make great bowl fillers. This is a great pattern for summer.


Making lots of star bowl fillers too. These sold very well last year and seem to sell all year long. They just get a little boring after awhile to make. I’m sure you all have items like that too.

007 009008

Prairie doll tucks. I was at a shop a few weeks back with my sil Amy and seen a prairie doll that was made on a soda bottle and wanted to try making one for myself. Well so far I have not liked how it turned out so I used the bodies and made these tucks. I love how they turned out. I’m still working on getting the one on a bottle made to my liking.


Working on some Peahens ~ this is an old pattern from Barbara Stein that was published in the 2006 Country Marketplace magazine. They were originally to be made as make do’s but I like them as shelf sitters. Just need to finish them up!


I also have this pile of items to get finished. Sheep tucks, mice, and chickens, oh my! Sorry couldn’t resist.lol.


And finally a bag full of my sunflowers, waiting to be grungy. These also sell very well for me. The pattern is on my blog sidebar for free if you’d like to make some.

I have purchase quite a few new patterns from various designers and want to get started on them, but I should finish these up first. I have a bad habit of starting different things and stopping to make something else. I don’t know why it’s hard for me to stick to one craft and complete it before starting on another. I guess it’s the monotony of it all.

Well, that’s all I have to share for now. Gotta get these things done so I can move on to something new. At least I hope.lol.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Blessings, Jean

You may have noticed at the top of my blog I am flying my flag in support of our service persons for the brave job in keeping our country safe. I’d like to ask all my followers to do the same and fly your flag proudly for our brave service men and women.


  1. Jean~ Everything is looking wonderful.You know I gotta have the bumble bees on hives.Set me like 3 aside when you get time.I just put your Daisy,skeps an bees in my bowls yesterday.Love them.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Jean, you are very talented with your sewing, love it all and especially "Oswald", LOL, so much personality there:D Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Whoa! You have been busy! All your creations are great! (oh how I miss Country Marketplace Magazine!) The doll tucks are wonderful and that grungy crow sure looks like he knows how to have a good time! Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration ~*~Lisa

  4. You have been a busy, busy gal, Jean... love that crow!

    Blessings, Traci

  5. Love all your things Jean! That crow is adorable!

  6. Jean ,
    thanks for sharing they all look adorable ! Im so loving the cat! how darling! enjoy your day Im off to stitch as well ! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  7. Wow, you have been busy... What cute stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Pretty handmades Jean! That kitty with the melon is just adorable!

  9. Jean, there you go again tempting me, I love everything, esp. the bee and bee skep, I will have to make a visit to your shop again soon, you are so talented. Boy am I blessed to live near you. Have a great eve. Hugs,

  10. Wow, you have been BUSY!! I love it all, but am really in love with that bee skep, seems I have a thing with bee stuff lately! Great work! =)

  11. Wow...you have been busy!! I love everything that you've made!!
    I'm still busy making wedding stuff, but will be done with it in a few days. Then I want to get back to making my craft items.

  12. I am very interested in the prairie dolls. I just love them. Can we talk prices? Or swap?

  13. Love those prairie dolls! I don't understand what you mean about having them on a soda bottle though. Either way, they are cute!

  14. Wow Jean...you are SO very talented ! Love everything you are working on !!!

    Grace to you,