Thursday, May 12, 2011

A make-over

Hi blog friends,

Thought I’d share with you what I’ve been working on this week.

I have this table in my kitchen.

001 002

I wanted to either replace or re-do it and since times are tough with not a lot of extra moolaa. I thought I’d just re-do it. The table itself is nice and sturdy. Well made hard wood. I have been coving this table with a vinyl table cloth for 4 yrs now and am tired of doing that. See the wood surface is worn and the stain on top is yucky. Not very prim.

So, I took it out to the patio; got my sander and paper and went to town on it! I sanded the finish off the top and scuffed the legs to show some bare wood. Then used Early American stain and went over the whole thing.

003  005

006 007

Now the top is an even color stain and looks more prim to my taste. Now I need to do something with the chairs! Maybe paint, but I don’t think Larry will let me do that. I’d like to have a few ladder backs, and found some at an auction a few weeks back that were perfect, but at auction they went for $125 each! Ouch! We have quite a few chairs in storage so I’ll have to go rummage through and see if I have some that will do. If not, I will just paint the ones in the pic while Larry’s at work! ssshhh, don’t tell him I said

I’ve also been working on some wood things for my selling booth. I’ll try to get pics and share later.

Wishing you a great day!

Blessings, Jean


  1. That turned out GREAT Jean! I love the legs that way, it looks wonderful!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Jean - it turned out great! I have an old imitation clawfoot table in my garage hubby wants to get rid of but I won't let him - it needs to be've inspired me! ~*~Lisa

  3. Hi Jean.. love your table re-do, it looks great. And I'll keep your secret about the chairs, LOL..

    It's great to re-do rather than replace..


  4. That looks so much better.. Love it.. Thanks for sharing Jean!

  5. Great re-do Jean! It's perfect now! Good luck with those chairs!! Smiles ~ Robin

  6. It's so amazing what sandpaper can do! It looks Prim Perfect!

  7. WOW! Super makeover! I wish I had the guts to do that with either one of our tables. I'm so scared I will screw it up, even though I know I could keep working on it until I got it right. Crap! Now I sound like an old lady! I did just get rid of a whole pick-up load of chairs that I had gathered over the years. Took them to Goodwill and then learned they got $20 each for them. *sigh* Will, I never learn? I say if you made this big an improvement with the table, why not the chairs? I love the look of mismatched chairs. Maybe you have something in storage that you could paint?
    Love the look! ( and I love the prairie dolls!)

  8. Love how your table turned out!!
    I'm wanting to repaint my table legs...they are blue and I would love to paint them white. Seeing yours makes me want to get busy.
    Love, love, love it!!

  9. I love your table redo!!! If Larry won't let you repaint the chairs - would he let you stain them darker?

  10. Your table redo turned out great!
    I'm picturing black prim chairs with the table.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Prim Blessings