Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today is the day!

Hi Blog Friends,

Today is the day to announce the winner of my Surprise Giveaway!

I first want to say a BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my heartRed heart for all your comments and birthday wishes. I love sharing my creativity and life happenings with all of you.

Today I turn 43! And I’m loving it!

Kids 002

Here’s a picture of me on the right with my little sister Julie and little brother Tom, back in 1975.  My parents weren’t much on taking a lot of pictures of us as kids and I only have a few that survived thru the years, but the one above is is my favorite.


And here’s a picture of me in 2010. Still have the round face and long hair.

Oh, I’m suppose to be announcing the winner of my giveaway.

I had 60 entries, the most I’ve had to date! Thank you all for joining in on the fun. Of the 60 entries, several of you took advantage of the extra entries and I added them to your chances. So after tallying them all up, I had 118 chances in this giveaway.

I then used to pick the lucky winner!

And that winner is…………. drum roll………..


Lucky 11!

Lecia from Farmhouse Prims is my lucky winner and you will never believe this but Lecia is a neighbor, living only miles down the street from me! Lecia, I will have to hand deliver this surprise package to you!  We have not met, but had planned to get together for lunch sometime. I guess it’s fate that we shall meet. If you have not visited Lecia’s blog, stop on over and say hi. She makes awesome bonnets and candle mats!

Congrats Lecia, I’ll email you to set up getting together.

Thank you all for sharing in my birthday surprise and I’m sure Lecia will share pictures of her goodies once she receives them.

Have a great day!

Prim Blessings, Jean


  1. Happy Birthday Jean! Oh my goodnees you are killing me I want to know what you picked!!! LoL...I know Lecia will show us.She is such a sweetie and you will have a wonderful time meeting her! Love and Best Wishes for the bestest day ever!~Amy

  2. Happy birthday!!
    Congrats Lecia!!

  3. Happy Birthday ... Have a wonderful special
    day... Congrats to Lecia and Yes she is a
    sweetie thoughtful kind loving Christian gal
    Giveaway going to great home... :-)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway...

  4. Happy Birthday! Congrats Lecia! Hope you two do get to met for lunch...that would be awesome!


  5. Couldn't go to a better home. Lecia is a dear gal and you will just love her. I am always happy to hear of blog friends meeting. Wish I could be there, too. Think of the savings on postage! LOL
    You two have a wonderful time together and please! One of you take pictures to share!!!!
    BTW~ Happy 43rd birthday! You're just a baby!

  6. Congrats to Lecia! And Happy B-day to you, Jean. How cool that she lives so close to you.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Congrats to Lecia, I hope you have a wonderful time getting together too!

  8. Happy Birthday do NOT look even close to 43! Congrats to Lecia, that is wonderful you are neighbors!!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Jean! Great day we share, huh?:)
    I'm so glad that Lecia won - I am sure she can use the pick me up after her tough week. Thanks for the fun giveaway - I know Lecia will be great about sharing the secret with all of us!
    Enjoy the rest of your special day! Hope it's the start of a great year for you!

  10. Happy Birthday Jean!
    And Congratulations Lecia.

  11. Happy Birthday & congrats to Lecia!!


  12. OMG Jean, I can't believe that I won, I am so thrilled. I love the picture of you and your brother and sister. You still look like a teenager!!! I can't wait to meet you, I can't believe that we live so close, it must be meant to be that we are meeting. Happy Birthday!!! And I will definately post pictures of your giveaway!!! Hugs, Lecia

  13. Congrats Lecia!
    Thanks Jean for hosting this giveaway!
    Happy Birthday to you and hope you enjoyed your day!
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  14. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jean, Happy Birthday to you! And congratulations to Lecia! Thanks for a great giveaway Jean, hope you had a wonderful day and here's to many, many more! Deb

  15. A day late but Happy Birthday!!

  16. congrats to Lecia you two have fun meeting each other.