Friday, February 18, 2011

Look at these flea market finds….

Hi Blog Friends,

I hope you are all enjoying this great Friday. It’s so warm here in VA. high of 70!! Woohoo! I guess this is just a taste of what we have to look forward to. The weatherman said we could see some more snow by Tuesday =(

I just had to share some great finds with you I got this morning at the flea market.


There were a few people set up outside this morning at the market so I decided to stop and see what I could find. The first table I went to had these items. There were no prices so I was hesitant to ask what he would want for each of the Clark Thread boxes. I knew they were old and collectable and thought probably $10 a piece, but my curiosity got me so I asked, and boy was I glad I did! The man said how about a dollar a piece!! I snatched all three, and that included the contents.


They are in excellent condition, no tears at all. Look at all the old hat pins!


This one has 7 complete cotton wood spools with labels on both ends.   I looked on eBay to see what they may be worth and to my surprise, this one for just the box is listed at $22.95. The top one for just box is $9.95.


This one I have no idea it’s worth. I could not find anything about it. All it says on it is Dragon Spool Cotton, Warranted 200 yards. Fast Black Pearl Finish 40. It has 10 wood spools with cotton on them. I ‘m certain it’s well worth the $1.00 I paid.

And then I found this.


I have no idea what it is? I thought it was a match box with long matches, but when I got home and looked in side they look like maybe old sparklers??? I love Americana stuff so that’s why I got it and I only paid 50 cents for it.

If anyone knows anything about any of these items, I’d love for you to tell me.


Then my boyfriend was in our basement clearing things out so he could do some work on the foundation and came up stairs with this box and said, “do you want this old box or do you want me to throw it out?” My eyes got big as saucers and grabbed it from him and said are you kidding!!! Yes I want that. It was an old box his father had for many years and used it to put spare plumbing parts in.  I cleaned it up as best I could and think I will just leave it as it is. I think its an old bread box, but not sure. It says, Give Us This Day Our Baily Bread with a farm scene. It’s carved into the wood. The sides of the box are dove tailed channeled.  It’s a little beat up but I love it just the same.

Well that’s all I have for now, thanks for stopping by and if you have any info on any of the above, I’d love to hear about it.

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Have a great weekend,

Prim Blessings, Jean


  1. Oh my goodness Jean! I'm so jealous! LoL..The Red white and blue ones are sparklers from early 1900 I wanted some up at roots but he was selling them for $15 when I went back they were gone.Wanted them for the george collection.The spool boxes were such a great deal especially with the original thread.They are late 1800's and are worth about $25 each..You really got a great deal.I am so coming to junk with you this summer even if I have to leave Tom home.LoL..Hugs!~Amy

  2. I collect old sewing items and I have to tell you that you got a great deal on your items!!
    Love everything that you got!!

  3. You scored bit time Jean!! What awesome those boxes & spools...jealous of your 70 degree weather...were in the 50'!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Wonderful finds. I love those old thread boxes.


  5. GREAT finds!!! But you definitely have to work on that boyfriend of yours and train him that NOTHING is to be thrown out. Oh the horrors that he even had to ask that question!!!! LOL

  6. Hi Jean, I was at the vet today beside the flea market to pick up Lilly's ashes. I had to stop by the flea market to see your goodies. I am so glad that I did, I bought your big bunny and love him. You are one talented girl. I will want to go there every week,he he, but will have to restrain myself. So glad you found those awesome thread boxes!! I love them!! What a bargain!!!

  7. Wow, it was a good day for you to get out Jean! What a find and for a steal:) Good for you! I have one of those old bread boxes too. We keep odds and ends in it. Enjoy the nice weather.

  8. My goodness Jean, you really had a great day!
    Thanks for the kind comments about my florals. Hope you have a great weekend.

  9. What a day! Love the flea market finds, but I must say there is nothing better than a freebie like what your boyfriend brought up to you. "Do you want me throw it away?"!!! Great story. :)

  10. what a lucky day indeed!love the wooden box!have a great weekend,I gotta go enter the giveawy,I almost michelle

  11. Wow! You found some great deals. Love the sparklers.


  12. Glory be! At least, he had sense enough to ask if you wanted it! It is indeed and old bread box. Lucky, lucky gal!
    I collect old sewing things and I would have jumped on those myself. Great deals! Again, lucky gal!

  13. Wonderful finds... Love everything you found

    Warm Blessings

  14. Wow , so love those sparklers, and the thread boxes how awesome. Lucky Lucky day for you! Hope you have a great weekend!
    lil raggedy angie

  15. Wow you sure hit the jackpot! Great finds and such great prices! Then to top it off a great find in your own basement! You are one lucky lady!

  16. Oh WOW! I can't believe he sold those to you for $1 a box! I collect old sewing notions and I know how hard it is to find the original box in such great shape and even have the original contents! What a steal! I also collect patriotic and those sparklers are amazing, I've never seen them before, LOVE them! That bread box is awesome too!