Friday, December 3, 2010

Some of my Christmas Decorating to share:

Hi Blog Friends,

As promised, the following pictures are of my Christmas decorations I’m using this year.

stuff 011

Here’s a picture of my german twig tree. I love Charlie brown type trees and a few years ago I decided to purchase a fake tree and this one really suited my taste. I got it at Flower and craft warehouse in PA. They have a wonderful selection of Christmas trees!! But not online, you have to go to their store.

stuff 028

I have a basket of Boyd's Bears just waiting for Santa to come. And the Santa under the tree is a treasure I purchased 14 yrs. ago. I love him, he is very time worn, I had to do some repairs of his beard this year. I guess the heat got to him over the summer…..

Here’s a few pics of new additions I picked up at some open houses I visited this season.

stuff 013

Small clay oval with snowman face painted on it.

stuff 012

This one was a cool idea! it’s a poker chip!! Someone painted the face of a snowman on and drilled a hole for hanging.

stuff 014 

This is another handmade someone did on a larger chip!

stuff 019

This is the back of the one above.

stuff 020

I love this tree!! I purchased it about 10 yrs. ago at a shop in PA. I’ve not seen one anywhere since. Its made of metal with little hooks on the ends of each branch to hang your ornies on. I decorate it with small reproduction glass ornies.

stuff 025

Close up of the base.

stuff 001stuff 009stuff 010

This is one of my favorite feather trees. I used little rice lights and wrapped the trunk of the tree with them then used small snowman faces to decorate.

Here’s some of my favorite items I used to decorate with this year. 

stuff 022

stuff 029

stuff 030

This Santa Rabbit was made by my mom years ago. I treasure it. My mom passed away back in 2006 and I really do miss her. She was a very talented women.

stuff 002

stuff 021

stuff 002stuff 003

Another wire tree I bought several yrs. back. Love the snowman head on top.stuff 005

My snowman candle holder I won from Deb at Paxton Valley Folk art. It greets me at each meal as I have it sitting on my kitchen table.

Well that’s about all the decorations I'm putting out this year. Keeping it simple.

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Have a great weekend and Thank you for visiting,

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  1. Beautiful decorations! Love your German Twig Tree!

  2. I love your tree in the crock!! Your snowangel standing next to your tree is so cute! Love the Santa with the little snowman beside him! Everything looks great!!

  3. Your Christmas decor is lovely! Love the German twig tree. Snowmen faces on poker chips, huh? Proves that you can paint on just about anything and it will come out cute. I love the metal tree with all the little glass ornies! I've never seen them before and I saw one on another blog. They are really neat. The Santa rabbit that your mom made is adorable and definitely a piece to treasure. So that's where you get your talent... from your mom!