Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let’s help Donna reach her goal….

Hey Blog Friends,
Let’s help Donna at Sweet Prairie Dwellings reach her goal.
Here’s what she wrote:
“I realized that there's a Fat Chance of getting that many followers at all. So lets do this....Lets see what happens if I try for 350 followers instead.And hopefully in the next day or 2 I will post pictures..I am in the midst of getting the goods together right now as I am writing this Post.I Will tell you this much...this Giveaway is for those who really like the ''Very Early style Prims'' as opposed to the Country Prims.These are ''Extreme Prims'' But if you are into these kinds of Primitives...then I promise you'll want to get in on this one.There will be Pantry cloths...Grungy candles...Stained cheesecloth yardage.One of my Ultra Grungy faux(grubby Candle lights..some cubby hangers...Dried Sweet potato fixins..Dried Apple and Rosehips fixins,,,Just to give you an idea , and a few other primitives as well.This one is going to be a nice size Giveaway!My house smells soooooooo good right now of coffee and spices as I have been working on these all day!!And if I should reach 350 followers by weeks end ,,,I will DRAW 2 WINNERS,,and each one will receive the same package of goods. But the same rules Apply,,,you must be A follower of this get in on this Giveaway!!!!And if you post it on your blog when I get the pics posted it will give you a second entry. Thanks ...... Donna “
What are you waiting for? Get in on this one, if you’re a follower of her bog, help get the word out and send some of your followers her way. I know there are many new bloggers out there, cause I have had quite a few new friends start following me lately. Welcome all!!!
I personally have received one of Donna’s prim candle lights and it’s wonderful, so you prim lovers out there will definitely not be disappointed if you should win.
Click on Sweet Prairie Dwellings to go to her blog site.
Prim Blessings,

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  1. Thanks Jean....I promise no more changes!!! The new post stays as is... And pics will be posted tomorrow evening... Life got in the way today so I was not able to get the things I could post the pics tonight.And yes there are quite a few new Bloggers that I have come across in the last week alone. And funny thing is one of them used to live Right here in my Town.. And her Husband was on the Fire Dept with my Dad for many years, And she actually worked with my Mom.I found that unreal!!! But shows ya just how small this Big old World can be I guess!!! lol!!