Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is in the air….

Hi Blog Friends,

Sorry it’s been awhile. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't over stuff yourselvesSmile.  I’ve been busy trying to pull out some of my Christmas decorations and cleaning house so I could decorate. What a job it is, but when its done it always gets me in the Christmas spirit.

My sister and niece came down from PA an spent a few days with us.  My niece – Meagan is 8 and is really getting into the crafting world. She draws pictures for me and they are really very good.

stuff 008

My wall of fame!

stuff 009

Here’s the card she made me for Thanksgiving.  When you open the card the turkeys beak opens and closes!!

stuff 010stuff 011

Here’s a turkey puppet she made all by herself. All hand stitched and glued. It’s just adorable.

stuff 003stuff 004

Here Meagan is helping me bake sugar cookies.  She had fun decorating them with colored sugar and sprinkles.  After they were baked I told her to try one, but she said she didn’t like cookies!! This kid only eats healthy things. I don’t know any 8 yr olds that only eat healthy.

We had fun making a few crafts and visiting, but I’ll tell you I was glad to get a break when they left. Shoooo…..

Saturday, I decorated the front of the house. I just kept it simple this year.  I purchased this tall 5’ Santa a few years ago and put him in front of the front door with some boxes I wrapped and stacked. We never use the front door so it’s a great place for Mr. HoHo to stand. It’s on a covered porch so he will be fine.

stuff 006

Here’s a picture of the wreaths I made for the doors this year. The wreath is from Wal-Mart I purchased at the end of last year on clearance, then I put a pick of berries and snowflakes on it and used an old slat from an old shutter to put the Seasons Greetings sign on it. Very simple to do and I really like how it turned out.

stuff 008

I spent Monday getting my Christmas decoration for the inside of the house together and am going to finish up decorating today so I’ll have more pictures to share later this week. 

Last Friday I received my winnings from Cindy at A Touch of Sunshine!!

 stuff 001

This perfectly prim hand stitched Snowman. My picture doesn’t do him justice, but he melted my heart when I opened the box and seen him.

Thank you so much Cindy for this great gift. I will cherish him always.

If you’ve never been to Cindy’s blogs, yes she has two and they are both great places to visit.  Cindy’s A Touch of Sunshine blog is her everyday blog (which has some freebies) and her selling blog Cindy Primitive Heart has some really nice items for sale. Click on the links to visit her.  If you go to Cindy Primitive Heart blog, check out her prairie dolls under her header Primitive Folk art dolls. They are oh so prim.

Well I gotta get busy finishing my decorating and then get back to crafting. My selling booths are almost empty!!! WooHoo things are selling!!

Have a GREAT week everyone,

Prim Blessings,



  1. Enjoyed seeing your decorations, and also the cute framed embroidery pic! Your blog is putting me in the Christmas mood today!

  2. Love the santa on your porch!! Nice idea on the wreaths too!!

  3. Congratulations on your winning. I love it! Enjoy!!

  4. I think crafting and creating is definitely in the family genes! Meagan did a great job! My 11 yr. old loves to play around and make stuff too. I'm glad she wants to create. And yeah, my daughter doesn't do healthy very well... she would much rather have the cookies, haha.

    Your outside display is very cute! Adorable framed snowman you won from Cindy.

    Congrats on your selling! That's awesome to hear.