Saturday, January 25, 2014

More new patterns.....

Happy Saturday prim friends!
Mine not so happy.
It's been so cold,
 as I guess we all are dealing with the ridged temps.
But this afternoon a main water pipe
has burst in my laundry room, soooooo
I have no water.
apparently it's an epidemic!
You don't know how much
 you depend on something until it's not there.
Hoping to have it fixed in the morning.
What a mess it made,
but at least I was home when it happened.
I don't even want to imagine if I had not been.
I wanted to stop in and share four new patterns I finished up.
I still am not feeling well,
but mind over matter, right.
First is Becca bunny~
a sweet stump doll that stands 12" tall.
She has a round head and possible ears.

Next is Benjamin bunny~
He is also a stump doll standing 10"
and has a round plump body and round head with possible ears.

Then I made a new pattern for the Sunflower bowl fillers.
Love how they turned out and oh so easy to make!

Last but not least~
my version of Vintage Rabbits.
Perfect size to use as bowl fillers
 or ornies for a prim tree.
If you get a chance
stop by Dusty Cupboard Prims
and take a peak~
if you have an Etsy shop or account
I'd love for you to favorite my shop
and I'll do the same with yours.
Stay safe and warm!
Praying Spring gets here soon!


  1. Love your bunny's Jean, so talented at crafting, Blessings Francine.

  2. Hope you'll feel on top form again soon! I truly love your patterns and hope you do really well in your new etsy store,

  3. Buster and Becca are so sweet!

  4. Hi Jean, so sorry you haven't been feeling well, hope you feel better soon!!!
    I am so sorry about your pipes bursting, they did at the farmhouse too, I think it ruined alot of our pretty flooring, I could cry. I love your new patterns, the first two bunnies especially. You are on a roll! hugs, Lecia

  5. Oh Jean, sorry about your water pipe, and you not feeling good. You sure are making progress with your patterns and they are wonderful. Feel better soon! ~*~Lisa

  6. Love your new patterns. So sweet!
    Sorry to hear about your water pipe breaking.
    It's so cold here, also!
    Take Care!