Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas time is here.......

All the laughter and cheer.......
Can you tell I've been listening to
Charlie Brown's Christmas.
I'm no singer by any means
 and half the time I don't even know the words. LOL.
 Not sure if that the correct verse, but any who....
Just stopped in to give a sneak peak
at some Valentines
I've been working on.
Meet Edith~ is she not a hoot!
the pattern is by Chestnut Junction.
I so enjoy making dolls
of all types.
Now this is Emma with her tattered heart.
She is of my own design.
Sorry, my pics stink!
And this is my Angel of Love doll.
Also of my own design.
I've been thinking about starting a pattern company,
selling patterns of my own designs.
For some reason all these designs and ideas
 keep running through my head and yes,
I put them on paper,
 but usually I stick them away and just forget about them.
I feel like God is sending me in a new direction
and I want to trust in him,
but I am curious......
Etsy now has instant downloads for patterns,
So what do you think?
Thank you for stopping by!
Enjoy the week~ Christmas time is here......


  1. What cute dolls Jean. Wishing a merry Christmas to you also :)

  2. Evening Jean, love your prim dolly's, so sweet....Merry Christmas wishes, Francine.

  3. YES YES YES! How exciting! I especially like the last little dolly you designed. Go for it girl! Let us know! ~*~Lisa

  4. Hi Jean, I love all of the dolls but I am being honest here I think yours are cutest! I think you should go into patterns! I would love to buy some! Merry Christmas!
    Be blessed,

  5. Love love love your girls!
    Spread your wings and fly!
    Woolie Christmas Blessings

  6. I think you have a great talent and should really give some thought to starting a pattern company!

  7. Hi Jean, love all of your creations! I think you have a talent that is rare and you should start a pattern line, I know you would do well. So good to see you the other day, wish I could have visited longer. I sure love my Santa. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! hugs, Lecia