Saturday, February 16, 2013

Long winded

Hi Blog Friends!

What a whirlwind of a week.
I've been crafting, cleaning and running arrons all week.

I think Mother Nature is confused!
 We've had winter and spring weather here in the valley for the last few weeks. Yesterday it was sunny, warm with a slight breeze then last night cold freezing rain, snow and flurries today.
Looking over at the mountains, you can see snow on them.

Winters are nothing like they use to be when I was a kid.
We use to get feet's of snow in February.
My sister, brother and I would go out and build snow forts.
Aw, those were the days.
Back then there was a lot of sibling rivalry between us kids.
I remember, one year we got BB guns for Christmas and my little brother and I thought it would be neat to shoot at each other! Oh, yes we did! Needless to say, mom was not happy and the guns disappeared.
I was the oldest and should have known better I guess, but having that memory still brings a smile to my face.   Is that bad or what!
Know I cherish my sister and brother and enjoy the time we spend together. 
I received the sweetest gift from our friend Lecia yesterday.
She stopped by to bring me a surprise b-day gift on her way to visit with her mom.
As you may know, Lecia's mom is recovering from some major surgeries to repair her broken arm and hip.  If you could say a little prayer for her recovery, I know she'd appreciate it.
Well, I squealed with delight when I opened my gift!
Sweet Lecia made me one of her standing bunnies! 
She also gave me the sweetest card and a yummy smelling tart.

Just look how sweet she is. I love her Lecia! Thank you!

She stands proudly on my computer desk watching me visit with all of you.
See the choc heart in her basket? Yep~ I ate it! heehee.

Lecia is so talented~ she always says she's a wannabee crafter, but I think she is a superb artist!
Lecia will be debuting her creations on Early Work Mercantile March 1st, so mark your calendars and check out her offerings. I'm sure there will be something you'll love!
Thank you again Lecia, you are always a delight to see and I am blessed to know you and have some of your prim goodies to grace my home.
I know I promised to show you the gourd baskets awhile ago.
So, here they are.

They were a lot of work, but I love the end result.
Linda over at Parkers Paradise left me a message suggesting I age them with brown shoe polish.
Thanks Linda! That's the perfect thing to use. 
I sanded them a bit and polished them with the shoe polish and wa la, prim aged gourd baskets.
I drilled holes in each side and used rusty wire for the handles.
The prim grass is a coco liner I shredded and placed in them.
Took them to my selling booths Friday~ sure hope they sell.
And here are a few things I managed to complete this past week.
Folk Art Rabbit and Eggs~ pattern by Oodlekadoole Primitives.

Rabbit doll~ pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives.
He's been a great seller for me.

Prim carrots~ my own design.

Primitive Jack Rabbit~ pattern by Bits of Cloth.

Cone Flower Bunny~ pattern by Hidden in the Attic.
These rabbits have been a great seller for me.

I guess I'll stop know~smile.... I have lots to work on, and best get to it.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!
Prim Blessings,


  1. Hi Jean, it was so good to see you yesterday! I know your bunny has a great home. Thank you for your kind words and prayers for mom, her arm and femur were broken.
    I love your gourd Easter Baskets, and your bunnies are the best, I am so thrilled to own a couple of your bunnies!
    Isn't the snow on the mountains beautiful!
    And you know I rem. getting a BB gun one Christmas, he he I rem. sled riding for hours when I was a kid, we only had one sled, so we did alot of sharing. Have a wonderful day! hugs,Awesome memories, I was the oldest too. Lecia

  2. Good things you kids did not get hurt..or if you did your not telling..LOL
    Love the gourd baskets and all the bunnies!
    Very beautiful valley!

  3. Hi Jean, what a wonderful gift, such a sweet prim bunny.....Love your gourd baskets, beautiful....Blessings Francine.

  4. What we did as kids we can smile about now!! But there's no way I'd let my kids do half the things we did either!
    I'm loving all your rabbits and the special one from Lecia.
    Happy crafting!

  5. I remember a lot more snow as a kid too Jean and huge snowmen and snowforts! (no bb guns tho ;0)
    Lecia is an awesome artist-love your bunny! And as always, your creations too! ~*~Lisa

  6. Loved hearing the memory of you as kids.That's a new one for me,No wonder Christmas story is Tom's favorite movie your mom must have yelled "You'll shot your eye out".LoL.Oh I miss the snow we had as kids.We used to drag the sleds down the lane from Grandma's there was a big farm with a hill but at the bottom was a creek and sometimes it was froze through so you always had to swerve to miss it so you weren't soaked..We had fluries today but I'm soo ready for at least 5 inches or more.Hugs!~Amy

  7. You're making me anxious for spring with all your goodies!

  8. What a sweet post. Your BB gun story reminds me of me and my brother. Love :)
    Oh how talented are you and our sweet friend Lecia.
    Praying for her mom and daughter.
    Love all your bunnies and the baskets are awesome.
    What a great idea of shoe polish.
    I need some spring now.
    Woolie hugs