Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gourds and Snoopy

Hi Blog Friends!

What a change in temps!! Babe' it's COLD outside.
So, today I'm working on turning gourds into Easter baskets.
Last summer I planted some gourd seeds in hopes they would grow, so I could dry them and make some baskets.  Well I got a boat load of the gourds, but the drying process did not go as well and many of the gourds are of no use.

Below are all I could salvage....... 

I've cut the tops off and am in the process of cleaning and deciding if I'll age them a bit.
Then drill and add some rusty wire for the handles.
The hardest part was cutting the tops off.  Gave my wrists quite the workout.

Last night I had to rush Lil' Snoopy to the vets again.

He kept acting like he was in pain, then started vomiting again.
For those who don't know~ about six months ago he was diagnosed with liver disease.
Well, last night I pleaded to have the vet do a sonogram on him, but the problem was I did not have $250 to pay for it.  I'd already paid over $900 in the last few months for tests and meds.  Well, the tech was so nice, and had such compassion, she did it for me with a charge of only $37 bucks. Thank you God.
Well, the test shows his liver is fine!!! But his gallbladder is twice its size and one of the main glands is inflamed.  They gave him another antibiotic and pain meds and told me they'd call sometime today to let me know what I will have to do next.  If the gallbladder doesn't heal itself, I'll have to have it removed.  They said it runs around $2000 for the surgery.  I love my Lil' Snoopy and would do anything for him, but have no idea how I'll be paying for this surgery if needed.  
If you could say just a lil' prayer for him, we would both appreciate it.
Has anyone else had a dog with a gallbladder problem?  I'd love to know what to expect.

Thank you for stopping by today ~
I'll be posting about the improvements of our home soon.
Blessings ~    Jean


  1. Oh poor Snoopy.
    Praying for your sweet pal
    and sending you a big hug.
    Woolie love

  2. Jean~ I've been meaning to give you this link
    http://www.nativeremedies.com/petalive/ailment/cats-dogs-liver-disease-remedies.html but now I guess you'll need this one instead http://www.nativeremedies.com/petalive/ailment/cats-dogs-gall-bladder-disease-remedies.html I use these products on Boo and let me tell you they are amazing.The Dr wanted boo on seizure meds but with all the complications I decided on this companies products and they work so well(been using about a year now).I usually buy on amazon and save so you might want to check the ones you'll need.About the bill our vet lets us do a payment arrangement on higher bills I just set up a Bi weekly or monthly amount and then right checks ahead for them and they hold them till the dates agreed upon maybe you could do something similiar.I know how you feel about your "baby" and would do anything for him.Tom wanted me to drop you a line,he said he was thinking of you but I guess between blogging we are all caught up..smile..Sending up a little prayer for Snoop dog.Hugs!~Amy

  3. I was just going to leave the link that Amy left! I would definitely look into holistic treatments if Snoopy was my dog. Humans can heal their gallbladder holistically, so I don't see why our pets can't. It's worth a try as long is it is not harmful. Praying for him and you, I know this is stressful!

    Blessings, Jessica

  4. Please wear a mask when working with gourds!The mold and such can lead to serious respiratory problems.(I used to work with them daily)Praying for you and lil Snoopy!Hugs,Jen

  5. Oh poor sweet Snoopy, will keep him in my prayers.....How neat are those gourds, wow.....Blessings Francine.

  6. Hello Jean,
    I had thought at one time I'd like to grow gourds and create with them till I read about the same difficulties you are experiencing. Hope things work out with them as I think they will be awesome.
    Praying for your little Snoopy. So sad when our furry family members have health issues. My BIL and SIL just lost a Jack Russell to kidney failure. The second one isn't doing well either. Vet is running tests and found that the sealer on the new wood floors they had installed was the problem!!! Dogs playing with their toys picked up the chemical and after time they dogs became sick. They are of course distraught and can't believe it was one of the safest products they found to use!!!!
    We just never know what will cause an illness next!
    Think of you often.
    Bless you,

  7. Poor little Snoopy... We have 9 mini-dachshunds and I know how painful it is for us Mommas when they hurt.
    On the gourds--I grew 26 beautiful such gourds. I tied a piece of twine around the neck of one and the other end around another. Then I hanged them from the rafters in the garage. Left them hang all winter and into the spring. They got all moldy but dries out nicely. I lost ~1~ gourd. Then I scrubbed them with a brush, dipped them in bleach water ( kind of rubbed them with a cloth, didn't let them soak or be in there very long ) and let them dry again--didn't take long. Then I sanded them with fine paper. Wiped with a tack cloth. And used a Minwax on them. You could also use KIWI shoe polish. I just used mine in fall displays but thought I might make some birdhouses with them this year. Last year, I planted dipper gourds and had far less luck--only got 6 gourds. They are in my garage now. This freeze has caused the skin to crack but that is not a problem. I couldn't hang them so I put them in a wire basket so they don't touch. I have no idea how they will turn out. They were much heavier than the bird house gourds. I do have a basket such as you are planning and it is painted kind of a burnt orange. I like it very much. I also have a dipper gourd that has been hollowed and varnished with a hanger. You can do a lot with gourds. Good luck! Prayers for Snoopy but use your better judgement when it comes to methods of how to ease his pain. There are lots of solutions that our vets don't use....

  8. When I was little we grew gourds up the chainlink fence and let them dry out all summer. In the fall we would shake them like maracas. I would love to grow some now for my kids. Poor snoopy. It's so hard to see our pet family members in pain and suffering. Wowzers, that's alot of money for a surgery. We have a kitty which is the love of our kid's lives. We would do anything for her so I know how you feel. I hope it clears up on it's own. -Steph-

  9. So very sorry your beloved Snoopy is so sick. Prayers going up.

    Can't wait to see your Easter basket gourds!

  10. Hi Jean, Can't wait to see your gourds, I know they are going to be wonderful!!! Poor little Snoopy dog, I will pray that he is feeling better soon! I love that little doggie, he is so special. hugs, Lecia