Monday, December 31, 2012

Valentine, Parson Brown, New Year's Wish....

Happy almost New Years blog friends!

Just wanted to stop in and share a few Valentines I've been working on and share a little funny with you.
Here's a sweet little mousie with hearts in a sack I've been creating lately.
It's my own design.  

These gals are so prim!
 I used a Blue Moon Beginnings pattern for the doll and embellished with a heart pocket full of sweet annie.
You could even use them year round, not just for Valentines.

Here's the funny!
I purchased sweet Parson Brown from Lynn over at The Button Box just before Christmas and he arrived Christmas Eve.  I was so in all of her work.  She had used a real carrot that was dehydrated for his nose as well as his little friend in his pocket.
Well, I had the perfect spot for sweet Parson Brown.
I placed him in a wood child's chair where he could enjoy the holiday season with us in the living room.
If you don't know, we have two dogs~ Snoopy whom has been very sick the past few months and Brandy our six yr old black lab.
Well, I woke up Christmas morning and found Parson had fallen out of his chair.  Not thinking anything of it, I picked him up and placed him back in the chair.
Later Christmas day, I was looking at Parson, sitting in his chair and noticed there was something definitely not right.  
Yep, you guessed it!! BRANDY had eaten poor  Parson Browns nose and his little friends nose TOO!!!
 Poor Parson Brown had a horrible traumatic Christmas Eve experience in his new forever home.  I kissed and hugged on him and told him I'd try to fix him as best I could.  So I got the clay out and fashioned him and his friend new noses. There no where near as pretty as the original, but I think he's much happier now.
So, BEWARE! If you purchase something and it has dried carrots or anything enticing to a dog, don't put it where they can get it~ I would have never thought Brandy would do that to poor Parson.

Parson with his new nose......

Wishing all of you ........A

May this be the year for Peace, Love and Happiness throughout the World.


  1. OMG Jean, I am trying real hard not to laugh, but I am. Those little naughty puppies! They just thought it was their Christmas treat!
    Well you have Parson Brown looking good, I would have never know that he got a nose transplant. he he
    And I love your little mouse in the sack and little dolls. I will slip down to your shop one day. Wishing you a blessed New Year! I am leaving my pinkeep out for awhile longer, I am just enjoying it so much. hugs, Lecia

  2. Oh how funny, those rascals.....Parson Brown looks adorable with his new nose.....Happy New Year, Francine.

  3. Happy New Year Jean! I have loved
    getting to know you this past year!
    I love Mr Parson Brown(my maiden name),
    he is adorable. I may have to have you
    work on one for me, no rush.
    Blessings for an amazing 2013 ~Sara

  4. Hello friend
    Oh what a not so very funny love it.
    S love your dolls too.
    Happy new year!
    Woolie hugs

  5. Dang good thing your dogs didn't chew him all up..but your story was cute.
    I love the new hearts in your background!
    Your dolls are sweet too.

  6. Happy New Year Jean!
    Cut story and thankfully you fixed up Parson Brown..........he's awesome.

  7. Tha was a funny Jean. LOL Love your new Valentine goodies. I too am working on Valentines. Hope you have a Happy New Year! Janice

  8. Hi Jean,
    Your new creations are wonderful...oh my Valentines day...soon!
    Your story is too cute - Brandy must have been very gentle with Parson Brown because he didn't do any damage to him except eat the nose.

  9. Happy New Year Jean! Such a funny story although I am sure that Parson Brown didn't find it so.LOL! Love your new creations.Hugs,JEn

  10. Happy New Year! May 2013 be a great year for you & your family!

    Hugs Tonya

  11. What cute valentines things. It is time to star thinking about them:) Poor Parson's nose. Glad you are a good dr. Happy New Year. -Steph-