Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Randoms: warning picture heavy.

Happy Wednesday blog friends!

Thought I'd share some random pictures of ~ Old, Antique and Collectibles from around the homestead.
Eve from Lee Hill Primitives shared on her blog and challenged her followers to do the same.

Love the Hoosier! See the little whale tale with the shoofly on top. I won it in one of Carol's from Firecracker Kid's giveaways awhile back. 

Pie Safe~ love the ditty bags Linda from Parkers Paradise gifted me. And the blackened beeswax pineapple from SIL Amy of Bumble Bee Lane.

1800's two piece hutch~ It's too tall for my downstairs rooms, so I have it stored in a spare room upstairs. I wish I could incorporate it somewhere I could enjoy daily. I was told by an antique appraiser, it was originally used as a cabinet in a old pharmacy to store drugs and is a rare find. It has locks on the doors, but the keys are long gone. You can't tell in the pic, but the glass is wavy and has bubbles in it. It's more beautiful in person, than this pic shows.

Showing the bottom of the hutch.
I love old wood boxes. This is an old tool box I keep candle fixings in.

Old baskets. I have two of these 1800's gatherings baskets.
My boyfriends grandfather/mother actually used these back in the late 1800's to take to the market to purchase veggies.

Old typesetters drawer, I use to display my tiny collectibles.

I love old bottles. The ones on the left I found while clearing brush in the woods. The ones on the right I have   purchased from various places.

Old milk bottles are another collectible I love. 

I love to collect Americana too.
 The lantern behind the stars has a history, so I scanned the handwritten note for you to read. How cool is that!

Love old advertisements!

Hand carved Noah's and Ark. Noah is my favorite story in the bible.

I purchased this carved penguin about 10yrs ago. As soon as I seen his name I had to have it. My little brothers name is Tommy. Love ya Tom!

I've done a lot of stitchery's thru the years, but this is my prized possession. It took me a whole year to do~ you see I made this for my grandmom. When she passed away my mom got it and when she was diagnosed with cancer, she gave it back to me. I will always cherish this stitchery.

Not a good pic, but its an oil painting of my boyfriends family business they owned and ran for many years.

Hey Amy, this is the pic that scares Julie when she comes to stay. Lol.
It's an oil painting of my boyfriends great, great grandfather. I don't think it's that scary, do you?

I have so much more I could share, but most of its still in storage. You see, this old farmhouse is small and the rooms are smaller, so I try to surround my self with my most favorites for now. 
I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as I enjoy you all stopping by.

I'll tell ya, I've been busy working on manly bunnies these days and now I'm having nightmares  dreams of them. Lol.
Have a wonderful week my friends!


  1. Jean I LOVE the pie safe and the old apothecary just wonderful.No the picture is not scary,I was expecting evil sinister looking he looks like a friendly enough gent,even better that he's actually weather here this week,Tom saw the first yardsale of the year in the merchandiser we are not going but are getting anxious for fleamarkets and saleing.Hugs!~Amy

  2. Jean, thanks for visit my blog. I wish you luck in my giveaway. Your pieces are awesome. Love everything, girl hope you can move the apothecary, it is an amazing piece to enjoy everyday. Thanks for sharing,Eve

  3. Jean,
    I love everything!! What wonderful old pieces you have!!
    Too funny...about having nightmares about bunnies. Even you are making lots and lots of them...I'm sure they are adorable and not scary. Can't wait to see them.

  4. You have a lot of great things! Love the pie safe, thanks for sharing!

    1. You have some wondeful antiques and so loving that awesome piece that will not fit in your downstairs area! I do not think that painting of the relative is scary..I have one that kind of scares my looks like he is watching you whereever you are in the room. Take care, Janice

  5. Dear Jean:
    How have you been? I have enjoyed the picture visit through your home so much! I adore the pie safe and the decorating on and around it. The painting of the great-great grandfather is such a rare treasure to have. He's not scary to me! I noticed your Noah's Arks (they are my favorite collectible, I have one grand one from Williamsburg)and the bottles you found in the brush. My Ashley finds the most incredible bottles like that.
    I'm probably forgetting much more but I loved everything. Thanks for the peek into your home.

  6. Jean ~ Such wonderful treasures you have!!!
    We like and collect some of the same things!
    Thanks for sharing alittle bit of your homestead.
    Prim Blessings

  7. Hi Jean, I love all of your antiques and displays! You have a wonderful collection and everything is displayed prim perfect. Have a great day! Hugs, Lecia

  8. Wow girl, I didn't realize how much alike we are, haha! I love and collect a lot of the same things as you... only I don't have those gorgeous big pieces that you do but I'm still working on it.

    I love my little miniatures in my printer's tray, they are so fun to collect. I have two now and they are both full but I can't seem to stop so I've been looking for another tray, lol. I really enjoyed looking at all your littles! Love old bottles, Americana also. I pulled that note up to read it, how cool is that to have the actual history written down, wow!

    Lots of great things Jean, I enjoyed looking at everything, thank you for sharing with us~

  9. Love your adv can. I have a couple of different kinds. And that stitchery looks great... it took me the better part of three years to complete mine! I had it matted and framed.
    Nice pics!

  10. You have some wonderful pieces Jean - And I can relate to the cupboards "that don't fit" - Tow of my favorite pieces aren't displayed....I got them when we were looking for land and had hoped to build...Doesn't look that will be happening now - and they just don't fit - but I'm not giving them up!! Love old boxes and baskets too....Fun, fun, stuff! Thanks for the show! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin