Monday, December 19, 2011

More sweet gifts today:

I just went to check the mail box ~ opened the door and there in side was a sweet little package. I wasn’t expecting any packages, so I reached in, pulled the box out and seen Parker as the return address. Well, I knew right away that it was Linda Claus! I raced to the house to see what was inside. And my oh my~ did she ever spoil me!

Sweet Linda 001

Yes, Linda I love cubbies and the ones you’ve sent me; I so love! Your stitching's are superb! For you to take the time out of your busy schedule and send me these gifts is overwhelming. No words can express how you made me feel when I opened the box.

I’ve already found homes for the holiday for all the pillow tucks!

Sweet Linda 003 

Tucked these in my tree.

Sweet Linda 004

And added these to my dinning table.

Sweet Linda 006

Linda, my heart is over joyed with your gifts. I can not even begin to write an appropriate thank you. You are truly a gift to our prim community and I am happy to say you are my prim friend.

All the out pouring of the good that has been shown and/or said by the bloggers I follow; as well as the comments left here on my blog; have been so enriching to me. You will never know how blessed I feel.

Thank you friend,

Warm Blessings to you,



  1. Linda Claus is the sweetest, love the pillows. Lecia

  2. So happy for you! Those are adorable!! They look so great in your tree too.
    Merry Christmas! :-)

  3. Hi Jean,
    What wonderful and sweet surprise goodies from Linda.

  4. What a wonderful surprise! You deserve it Jean, you're a sweetie yourself.

  5. Awww...these are wonderful Jean! I think Linda truly outdid herself.....those stitcheries are absolutely adorable!! Love how you've displayed them as well!! Merry, merry! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. They look great in the tree! Glad I could make you smile.
    I love your snowballs! very clever.....
    Merry, merry Christmas, my friend!

  7. Awww, How sweet is Linda. Those are lovely gifts to treasure. I Love her stitcheries.
    Merry Christmas!

  8. You must have been a good girl to receive such wonderful gifts!!!
    Merry Christmas!
    Prim Blessings

  9. Oh Jean, all of the pillow tucks are beautiful. How sweet of Linda :)

  10. Jean All your little pillow tucks are so adorable.. Linda makes the cutest pillow tucks!

    I love your tray filled with snowballs very pretty!!

    Merry Christmas my Friend may your home and your heart be filled with many warm Christmas memories!!

    Hugs & Blessings

  11. Love any kind of pillow tuck. You've got some
    awesome friends.
    Merry Christmas,

  12. How fun to receive a special surprise...Linda is just the sweetest isn't she. Great gifts you received.

  13. AH! Ms. Linda Claus!!!! Biggest heart in blogland! OLM

  14. Yes, Linda is the sweetest! She has a big heart, always wanting to give but never wants in return. Love her little pillow tucks, cute stitching!