Thursday, November 10, 2011

While I’m working:

On building snowmen, designing Santa's and other fun things for Christmas…..


I’m listening to my most favorite Christmas CD.

So, what’s your favorite Christmas CD?

Have a Blessed Day!



  1. I love Chris Tomlin's Christmas cd. I listen to several of the songs all year long.

    My other fave is MercyMe's Christmas cd, I love how upbeat a lot of the songs are. :)

  2. I love the Manheim Steamrollers Christmas CD's!!! Then I like the Herb Albert Christmas CD. Then........ Oh, heck, I love them all!!!!

  3. Sounds like a fun day to me!! I love lots of traditional "old school" Christmas music like Frank Sinatra, and of course White Christmas; but some of my others include Amy Grant,Plus One, and Stephen Curtis Chapman- Christmas is all in the heart is one of my all time favorites. My husband has played this for special music at church and nursing homes a few times. I have it on my blog if you want to stop on over and check it out. Happy crafting! Blessings ~Sara

  4. I don't think you could ask a more difficult question Jean...I have so many favorites....I fill my cd player up and hit shuffle - and am a happy, happy, camper....In there now is one (or more) of Kenny G's holiday cd's (have and love them all); Garth Brooks Beyond the Season; Vince Gill Let There Be Peace On Earth; Sarah Maclachan Wintersong; Early American Christmas; Ray much good music, so little time!! Happy listening! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Sugarland's Christmas CD is one of my favorites!

  6. I made my own CD from a collection of CDs. I have some Vince Gill, Sammy Kershaw, Michael Buble`, Alan Jackson, Joe Diffie, Allison Krauss and several others.
    It is a bit early but honestly, we have them all on the iPod and they play on shuffle all year round! LOL

  7. Hi Jean... I just love Christmas music (mostly of the country genre)...kinda like Linda Clause..

    Have fun creating....Traci

  8. This is a very tough question. While we generally do not start playing them at home before mid November (coming up fast) we had our first snowstorm this week. Puts one in the mood. And I like to play theminto January as well, when everyone around me is sick to death of holiday music.
    Mannheim, TransSiberian, of course, and the classics, 50s versions of Rudolph and Frosty and I Saw Momma Kissing Santa Claus...All I Want For Christmas... and I Yust Go NUTS At Christmas (not the Chipmunks Christmas Song, but I enjoy that too)

  9. Hi Jean, Loved your question and thought I'a add my 2 cents, I LOVE Manheim Steamrollers.Kenny G's,All the oldies but goodies from my childhood the classics,
    also I watch the clasdsic Christmas movies as I create too!!!"White Christmas, "Scrouge" the one who has Bill Murphy and the really old one like from 1930'3 Chipmunk Christmas, Mickey's Christmas and so many more!!!

  10. I love the smoking mountain Christmas cd, I love christmas music.
    Hugs, Lecia

  11. How fun to listen to Christmas music already. I have turned on Pandora Frank Sinatra Christmas. It plays all the classic Christmas music. I love it. -Steph-