Monday, June 13, 2011

A Thank you, my weekend and friendship.

Good morning blog friends,

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

The weather here in the valley is suppose to be much nicer this week. We had a few bad storms come through last evening, the rain came down in sheets. People on the road were having to pull over because you just could not see ahead of you. It beat our corn in the garden pretty good, so I hope it will perk back up today.

We went to PA this past weekend and boy I wish I had stayed home. We have a commercial property there that Larry likes to go check on at least once a month. Well, I decided to go with him this time.  There is a room off the side of the building where we have a bed and bathroom to stay in when we go up. It’s not fancy or anything but at least a roof over your head. Well, when we got there, I went in the room and seen all these bugs climbing on the walls, floor, window….everywhere! They were STINK BUGS!!! They look prehistoric and gross…to say the least. At first I flipped out, not wanting to stay ~ but with two dogs, I could not get a motel room. So I spent most of my time vacuuming these nasty things up. Nothing kills them! And if you squash them OMG they stink! I am so thankful to be home and not have to deal with these bugs here in my home. I hope all of you out there don’t have to deal with them either.


When we got back Sunday, there was a package waiting for me from Robin over at Millstone Mercantile.  I won her 300 post giveaway! Woohoo! I could not wait to open her package and stopped unloading the car, so I forgot to take pics of the package and all the wrappings.

Robin is so sweet and such a talented lady! Just look at all the hand made goodies she sent! I am so in love with all of them.


Look at these beautiful fabric covered journals and that awesome metal crow pin! She even made the card with the sheep, the grungy tea candles and the colonial soldier pinkeep. Love ‘em!


I was so hoping she would send me one of her prim banners she’d been making for her shop and boy did she ever! She sent two banners and a table scarf! Just look at this Primitive Collector table scarf~ so prim perfect!


This is on the opposite side of the scarf.


Look at these banners! Prim perfect and so appropriate for my prim farmhouse! The Welcome to our olde country porch one is going on a grapevine and being hung on my front porch. And the Bless this olde homestead one is going in my kitchen.


Robin, Thank you so much for such a generous gift. I love all the items you included. If you have never visited Robin at her blog, be sure to stop over and see what beautiful prims she has and become a follower because you don’t want to miss all she has to offer.


In a previous post I told you I was meeting with my friend Lecia from Farmhouse Prims. She asked me to make her one of the standing prairie dolls from a pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm.

Well we had a wonderful time, chatting about our love of prims, and having lunch. Did you know Lecia is a hair dresser! Well she is and she did a nice job trimming my hair and styling it. Thank you Lecia, my hair feels so much better and looks great!

I couldn’t just make her the standing doll as the pattern is called Prairie Sisters, so I made her one of each! Pop over to Lecia’s blog to see a pic of her sweet prairie sisters.

This is a picture of a second set I made to offer in my selling booth. I love how beautiful these dolls are to make.

004 006

I am selling the standing prairie doll for $28.95 + postage and the sitting prairie doll for $23.95 + postage, if any one is interested. Just email me.

Well friends, I gotta get back in the swing of things and get caught up on the blogs I follow, so thanks for stopping by to see what’s been happening here at prim crafts!

Prim Blessings to you, Jean


  1. oh yuck..I don't like bugs!! Love the prairie did a fabulous job!!

  2. Love the Prairie Dolls ~ so Adorable! And that was a nice box of goodies . . . I haven't seen table scarves quite like that before. Very creative!

  3. Hi Jean... I seen the dolls you made for Lecia, so sweet! Welcome home, there's no place quite like it...


  4. your dolls are just precious Jean! sooo cute!!...and your box of goodies is wonderful! about the bugs...bugs are one of the absolute worst things in life for me so that would have been a nightmare!...yuck!!...who gets the fantastic job of emptying the vacuum? ha!

    it's supposed to be a bit cooler here in the Richmond area too...I'm glad for my oldest son who has to work outdoors...have a joyous week!


  5. Hi Jean~
    I'm still feeling creeped out by all the bugs and I wasn't even there! LOL
    What a great package of goodies you received. I've always wanted to make some banners just never sat down and figured it out.
    I saw your darling prairie dolls on Lecia's blog and they are the sweetest!
    Have a great day.

  6. Welcome home Jean, I am glad you escaped the bugs. Congratulations on you win from Robin, I love everything. What an awesome prim giveaway!
    And you know I am still speachless over my prairie dolls. Thank you, thank you, thank you for them. I am so blessed to have you for a friend!!! Hugs, Lecia

  7. Eeewwwww....bugs..... :o( I'd have probably opted for the car. Love all the wonderful goodies from Robin - yikes!! She did you up something good! Those journals and banners are really sweet! I saw the wonderful prairie dolls you made Lecia on her blog - they are so, so, sweet!!! Have a wonderful week Jean! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Welcome home!
    Wonderful win goodies.
    And I love your dolls.

  9. Wow, what a bunch of prim goodies you got from some pretty prim gals. You are blessed to have such friends:)
    Oh yeh, stink bugs... have dealt with a few of those in my time. No, you don't squish 'em:) Glad you made it through that. Thank heavens a skunk didn't spray.

  10. I love your prairie dolls! It's great that you got to meet up Lecia, it sounds like you had a lot of fun. We have those stink bugs down here and you are right, they do smell!!!!!

  11. Jean,
    I also saw the nice prairie dolls you made.
    Its nice you live so close to Lecia. You can swap goodies more often now. Sorry about those nasty bugs. I hate them, pick em up and carry them away I guess. They sure do smell. I love your goodies you received. The table linens are unique. I have seen some that are like cheese cloth a darker color with stars stenciled on them. They come in a bundle like a curtain piece or a yard and a half size. Kinda expensive though. I could make several things from a bundle.
    Thanks for sharing
    Country at heart

  12. Thank you Jean for the kind comments and I am so glad that you like your box of goodies.
    I love your dolls that you made. Have a blessed evening.(millstonemercantile)

  13. Hi Jean,
    I just love the dolls that you made!! What great goodies you got from Robin!! So sorry to hear about those nasty stink bugs...yucky!!
    Hope you have a great week.

  14. I don't think I like bugs! I would have slept in the car.
    Awesome Goodies! I'm going to go check her blog out. Enjoy!
    Prim Blessings