Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She’s here, she’s here!


My winning from Deb over at Crows on the Cupola arrived yesterday and just look at her!

She is adorable! Deb is an amazing artist! Thank you so much for offering this sweetie! I can not bare to put her away so I’m making room in my curio for her.


Deb also sent this sweet vintage style card and two of her painted eggs! Thank you, thank you, thank you Deb!

If you have not visited Deb’s blog go on over and check it out. She does amazing work.

Thank you again Deb, I love this sweet little party chick.

I hope to post some new items I’ve been working on in a few days, so keep a watch for them.

Have a wonderfully prim day and stay safe with all this strange weather out there lately.

Prim Blessings, Jean


  1. Thanks for the kind words Jean.. I am glad she survived the journey from my home to yours! Her little party hat looks a bit tired from the trip.... LOL!

  2. she is adorable, and looks very much at home with you!

  3. You are one lucky lady to win that cutie!

  4. what a cute lil' chicky!!

  5. Congratulations Jean, what a wonderful giveaway! Hugs, Lecia

  6. Congrats Jean!!! You're lucky, lucky, LUCKY!!! I loved that little gal! Enjoy her!!! (And, if she ever would like to visit Nod, just let me know!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Congrats Jean!!! She does look like she's home now!!!! Yes, Deb has a talent for crafting. Everything she makes is really nice. I hava a few of her pieces and love them all.


  8. So adorable!! Congrats on your winning the wonderful giveaway. I won one of Deb's giveaways last Christmas...her work is awesome!