Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Listings and Ramblings...

Good Wednesday All,

Hope everyone is having a nice week so far. Been rather cool and rainy here in Virginia, but we need the rain so I won't complain to much.

My heart goes out to all who live in the Midwest having to deal with flooding and tornado's.

I am also saddened by what has happened down in the Gulf. Why does MAN KIND have to destroy things? You know back in primitive times, we did not need all this oil. We protected and worshipped the land we live on. Now it's all politics and who has the most of whatever. Enough is enough. Do we really need to keep destroying all that God has created for us to enjoy? :( A very sad time for all.

Well I have been working on lots of new things, but don't have pics of all of them. I do want to share some new listings I added to my Etsy Shoppe.

Americana anyone?

I love these two Americana Crow Items. Although they are Patriotic, they could be left out all year long. The make-do is cut from wood, primly painted and then I used fabric to dress the crow. Isn't he cute!!!

I also listed some old "1950's" Post Cards in my shoppe. I thought they were neat comic style cards.

I just love this one with the baby and puppy. Very sweet.

I have several other post cards listed in the shoppe, so go on over and check em out.

That all I have for now, Thank you for visiting.

Prim Blessings, and may God Bless US ALL.


  1. they are so cute ,i just recently started decorating with americana,thanks to yard sales and all the goodies i found i love it.someone could definately leave them little guys out all year.awesomw job!god bless michelle

  2. Thanks Michelle. I love yard sale goodies too!!