Thursday, February 4, 2010

New listing on Etsy!!! And more SNOW!!

Here is a new listing on my etsy website. As you can see I am wishing for SPRING.

I hand made this Prim flower arrangement using muslin fabric for the flowers and bee. The sack base is an old quilt I found at a flea market I cut up. It was to far gone to try to fix, so I am re-purposing it by using in my crafts. If you would like more info on it please visit my Etsy shop at .

We are preparing for another big snow her in the valley..... I am so sick of snow, they are forecasting 12 to 24" for us here. We are still trying to recover from the last two snows this past week; where we got 4" and 7" . Come on SPRING!!!!! I hope the groundhog was

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  1. Welcome to blogland! That is an awesome prim flower arrangement! I'm gonna go check out your etsy site!